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シンガポールにあるGlobal Schools Foundation(GSF)の日本法人として、日本ではグローバル・インディアン・インターナショナルスクールを運営しております。

④地域コミュニティや官公庁との窓 ...

Job Description

[Business content]
We will entrust you with a project at a development base in Japan.
Depending on the project, as a bridge SE, we will work with overseas offshore members to proceed with development.
◇Many projects of major domestic companies
◇Always receive more than 100 orders
◇ Focus on upstream processes that lead overseas offshore development

[Recruitment background]
This is a recruitment to realize 300 people system this season. We have gained the trust of our customers from our 18 years of experience in Japan, and have doubled both ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

You will be entrusted with the overall managerial personnel affairs of 3 to 10 Kanran beef noodles, and the personnel affairs of Hansei Co., Ltd.

[Work example]
■ Labor management
■ Briefing sessions for foreigners at vocational schools, follow-up
■ Visa explanation, part-time job shift follow-up
■ Communication with each school
■ MTG with a recruitment agency

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

[Business content]
1.Voucher sorting, accounting software sorting input
2. Petty cash management, payment business (internet banking)
3.Monthly settlement, annual settlement, etc.
4. Support for other internal affairs

We are in charge of the overall financial affairs of the group companies, but we divide the responsibility for each company, and each company is in charge of about two people.

[Organizational structure]
Manager Japanese: early 50s
Accounting: 2 women in their late 20s

[Regarding employment status]
Initially, we will hire con ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ Entry Level
Job Description

・You will be in charge of teach English along with curricurum.
・Helping another teachers [Child assistance]

Job Description

The company is popular in Japan as a honey cosmetics maker.
We learned know-how through operating apiaries, and focused on the power of honey and commercialized it.
The effect has gradually spread by word of mouth, and now we have 19 directly managed stores, and we are opening stores one after another in department store tenants that only have famous cosmetics manufacturers.
We are expanding our global business centered on Asia.
This time, we are looking for people who can serve cosmetics sales!

in particular:
Support for sales operations
Over-t ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
You will be in charge of the development and operation of a ranking service for an internet shopping mall. The systems you will be in charge of include both web applications for the company's members and general consumers, and big data processing platforms for aggregating data.

[duty details]
・Application design, development, testing and release
・Stable operation of ranking web service and platform
・Management of small projects

【Development environment】
Linux, Java, Hadoop, Couchbase ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
While collaborating with team members, product managers, QA engineers, related teams within the Rakuten Group (payments, points, members), etc., we provide online services mainly for domestic/overseas accommodation, DP, buses, and rental cars provided by the company. You will be responsible for the development and operation of the reservation site in general.
We will continue to improve system functions, perform performance tuning, monitor and respond to alerts, solve problems by investigating user inquiries in cooperation with technical ...

Job Description

You will be in charge of control design or electrical instrumentation design for manufacturing equipment. ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
You will be entrusted with overall development work according to your experience in the application/front-end position of the development team for web services/systems and applications for consumers such as entertainment, MaaS, and video distribution.
In the future, I would like to work as a project leader.

[duty details]
Development utilizes cutting-edge architecture and technology, mainly agile development, and releases in a wide range of speedy development cycles, from upstream processes to service operation and maintenance.

<Ma ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
In the backend position of the development team of web services and systems for consumers such as entertainment, MaaS, video distribution, and applications, we will entrust overall development work according to experience.

[duty details]
In the project, we select the latest architecture and framework, and the backend is developed mainly in PHP (Laravel/Lumen) with Python, Ruby, etc.
Each project mainly adopts agile development, and we will release it in a wide range of speedy development cycles from upstream processes to service opera ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
The company uses data to optimize various functions such as recommendations, ad distribution, and search.
In addition, we perform natural language processing, voice processing, and image processing to analyze data necessary for optimization and provide functions to services.
For this purpose, it is necessary to utilize advanced machine learning and to build a large-scale system according to the purpose.
In this position, you will be responsible for machine learning modeling for recommendation, ad distribution, search, natural language p ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
You will be involved in overall front-end development for online shopping services.

The specific development team is as follows.

◆TOP page development
◆ Search page development
◆ Product page development
◆ Cart system development

▼Environment where engineers work
・The support system for improving engineering skills is substantial.
*For details, please see the creator activity support system on the website.
・ All user movements and sales trends related to the service are visualized, and can be viewed by any memb ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
You will be involved in the overall development of the service platform for online shopping operated by the company.

The specific development team is
◆ Search backend
◆ Advertising development
◆ Products, images, inventory PF
◆ Cart
◆ Order PF/Billing PF
◆ Store tool development
◆ Settlement PF
◆Customer development PF such as incentive/CRM

▼Environment where engineers work
・The support system for improving engineering skills is substantial.
*For details, please see the creator activity support system on ...

Job Description

[Job summary]
Employees of different occupations become one team,
A company that totally produces digital services for clients.
Web system/smartphone app for BtoC with a focus on prime projects
You will be involved in commissioned development projects.

[duty details]
·Requirement definition
・Architecture design/creation of design documents
・Various reviews
・ Maintenance work, etc.

We will entrust you with the work based on your experience, skills, and the technology you want to acquire in the future.
The scale ...

Job Description

[Japanese corporation of the world's No. 1 EV automobile manufacturer]

It is a notable company from Shenzhen, China, which boasts the world's largest sales volume of eco-cars/electric vehicles.
This time, we are looking for [EV Bus Mechanic].

■You will be in charge of the maintenance of the EV buses that we sell.
The main repairs will be handled by the maintenance shop, and you will be entrusted with detailed repairs, inspection work at the time of delivery, inspections when the vehicle arrives from the home country, and other inquiries from cu ...

Job Description

[Job Summary]
Mainly, you will be responsible for project management work that promotes various smartphone / web application development, offshore development management work, bridge SE, etc. Accurately grasping the needs of Japanese customers and engaging in the upstream process of development,
It is a job to manage the entire development project, such as requirement definition, instructions to offshore bases in China, development output/quality control, and schedule management. ...

Job Description

<Background of recruitment and duties in charge>
The Group is a leading company in the field of membrane-structured buildings, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and has been involved in numerous sports facilities and station building projects.

In addition, since the opening of the US representative office in 1967, we have been actively expanding into overseas businesses and have participated in symbolic projects around the world by taking advantage of the flexibility and lightness of membrane-structured buildings.

Currently, we ...

Job Description

・ OEM proposal sales for cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, quasi-drugs, etc. overseas
・ Overseas product design and promotion sales of in-house developed and planned products ...

Job Description

We welcome those who want to use their language skills♪
I work for a famous elegance brand!

[Business content]
Sales, customer service and ancillary work at stores:
・Serving customers with branded products
・Sales business
・Product display and layout management
·Inventory control
·sales management ...

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