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Would you want to make this world a better place with the power of copywriting?
We are currently looking for a new member, who believes in the power of creativity and has the courage to change the world, to join our Tokyo office.

We are social is a global creative agency headquartered in London and operating in 13 countries around the world. We believe in people before platforms and the power of social insight to drive business value.

This is the third year since our Tokyo office has been established, and we are looking for a ◆ senior copywrit ...

Job Description

★ Recruitment agency business for companies using the global human resources career change site “” ★
We undertake part or all of the recruitment activities and contribute to successful recruitment on behalf of corporate personnel for client companies.

■ Specific Tasks
1. Formulate RPO plan in collaboration with sales staff
(Planning measures for successful recruitment, including forming a broad candidate group)
2. Formulate KPI for recruitment goals
3. Recruitment activities
* Attracting customers, casual interviews, intervi ...

Job Description

HCLはICTサービスを提供するグローバル企業です。ビジネス拡大のため、Sr. Electrical Engineerを採用しています。




HCL Technologies is a Global IT company with presence across 43 countries, with over 100,000 employees worldwide & $8.1 billion revenue. ...

Job Description

★ A group that solves global recruitment issues such as "foreign-affiliated startups that start hiring in Japan" and "Japanese global companies that want to expand overseas"!

Recruiting business utilizing the bilingual job change site "". We provide recruitment consulting activities to new or proven companies.

We work with career advisors to help job seekers and propose job seekers to companies.
Through the selection process, job seekers are required to think about their future vision and skill improvement, and companies are required t ...

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■ テレアポやメールを活用した新規アポイントメント獲得
■ 商談前の社内確認
■ 商談対応(直接訪問もしくはWEB)
■ 商談後の社内確認
■ 商談後、案件を獲得できた場合はプロジェクトチームが発足(主に営業、プリ ...

Job Description


■ PJ始動前のクライアント(主に弁護士)との事前協議
■ PJの中で複数のスペシャリストが分業する為、それぞれのメンバーをアサインする
■ PJ単位での進捗状況の確認(案件毎のプライオリティを把握した上で、各PJの担 ...

Job Description

入社後は情報漏えい案件のプロジェクトマネージャーとして、顧客と社内調査チームと迅速に連携しながら調査を遂行し、プロジェクトを成功に導く重要な役割を担っていただきます ...

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■ 営業メンバーとお客様先へ訪問し、技術的な観点で製品を紹介したり、お客様の要望をヒアリングし、適切な導入の進め方や活用方法を提案したりします。
■ 製品価値を分かり易く説明するため、お客様に合わせたデモ環境の構築も行います。

★ お客様先での常駐や売上ノルマはなく、安心して働いて頂けます。 ...

直接採用 17 LIVE Co., Ltd.
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Executive Level
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現在は、株式上場準備を加速させていくフェーズを迎えており、経営者とこれから立ち上がるIPO準備室のメンバーとして経営陣および他部署との連携を取りながら最前線 ...

Job Description

UNICORNは、独自の配信技術によって本当に興味を持ったユーザーへリーチした上で、興味のあるユーザーが触れることもできるインタラクティブ広告の配信を行い、顕在層だけでなく潜在層にまで伝 ...

Job Description


・顧 ...

Job Description

案件ごとに社内のスペシャリストとプロジェクトチームを組んでいただき複数名でプロジェクトを進めます。独自の技術をもとに、クライアント企業の狙いのターゲット群の中から、効率的・効果的に営 ...

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マーケティング市場は国内外問わず。英語力の高い ...

Job Description



■ Pull/Pushの組み合わせで「売上を創るマーケティング」を実現させるため、セールス・マーケティング、デジタル・アナログ、 ...

Job Description

As a consultant, you will be able to utilize the background you have gained so far to support various clients' IT areas, business areas, and strategic issues.
During the interview with the career adviser, the project assignment will be decided by comprehensively considering the experience and skills accumulated so far and the career to be pursued in the future.

Specifically, we will work on the following themes.

・IT mid-term plan formulation
・Establishment of digital organization
・Service design using AI/IoT
・RPA introduction support

Job Description

You will be responsible for strategy development and execution support for each subsidiary and export business. Also you will be assigned as a member of the management team to promote the business if it is necessary.

【In particular】
・ Analyze market trends, customer surveys and strategic planning
・ Aggregation and analysis of business progress
・ Examine measures to accelerate business and resolve issues
・ Support for implementation of measures at subsidiaries in each country
・ Collaboration with domestic related departments ...

直接採用 Wilson HCG
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

This open position is looking for an ambitious and experienced recruitment consultant to earn the trust of both client companies and candidates and to meet their recruitment needs as part of the client company's recruitment team. By combining state-of-the-art recruitment strategies with market intelligence to build talented talent, strong business relationships, and manage all aspects of the recruitment process, you're better suited to your client's needs. We aim to adopt. For the above reasons, we will be in charge of the following duties in this occup ...

Job Description

★ Recruitment agency business of companies using the global human resources career change site "" + team management ★
We perform RPO recruitment agency work that leads to successful recruitment by accompanying the personnel of client companies such as attracting applicants (scouting), interviews, interview coordination, etc.
You will be active as a team leader in this RPO division in the future.

■ Our goal is customer success!
Our goal is not to sell job advertisements, but to solve the recruitment issues of client companies and con ...

Job Description

System vulnerability diagnosis, incident information analysis / verification, information security measure proposal, etc.

[First of all, let's talk a little about our company ...]
In June 2021, we will be 20 years old.

Since its founding, it is a company that has grown with its technological strengths.
We are proud that the result of being able to create an environment where we can undertake work responsibly has led to our current high technological capabilities, gained the trust of our customers, and continues to this day.

If we are thoroughl ...