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人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

Mandatory Qualifications:
Good experience in CI/CD automation of service delivery (using Jenkins/git, etc.) as DevOps.
Good experience in both Waterfall and Agile practice, and understand the spirit behind them.
Good experience in traffic management by using CDN and caching systems.
Experience in developing GraphQL / JSON RPC / gRPC server implementations.
Team leading experience (5~6 people) to achieve targets on schedule under high pressure.
Operate middle ware, such as Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Weblogic and other open source framewor ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ ★ Senior Level
Job Description

Mandatory Qualifications:
C or/and Java (more than 3 years).
Design and implementation experience of open architecture system (more than 3 years).
Knowledge and experience about database and system infrastructure. 

Desired Qualifications:
Development and operational experience of a mission critical system.
Development and operational experience of service for consumers.
Development experience of large in scale and a large-volume system.
With challenge spirit and interest for new service/technology.
Knowledge about payment and a point serv ...

Job Description

国内最大級の外資系・グローバル転職サイト「」開発チームの”QA・テスト エンジニア”として、プロダクトの品質を高める活動をリードいただきます。

(ツール例:Selenium / ghostinspector など。新しく選定いただくことも可能です。)
・システムトラブル発生時 ...

Job Description

Human Resocia is THE GLOBAL COMPANY.
Over 400 foreign engineers from more than 40 countries works at Human Resocia.

Also, there are various roles such as back-end, front-end, and full-stack.

There are many developments of WEB applications' projects using Java, C #, PHP, Python, Node.js, JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue).

Available positions are also backend engineer, frontend engineer, full stack etc.

Every engineers will be assigned to the project that suits your experiences.

Recently, number of mobile application development using Java ...

Job Description

The Study Configuration Engineer is responsible for the technical configuration of clinical trials.
Develop custom logic code in Python to implement complex workflows.
Write unit tests, help troubleshoot and resolve defects.
Primary technical support to Client Services Leads (CSL) during the study build process, including writing configuration scripts, verifying correctness of study configurations, and serving as liaison between CSLs and Engineering.
Primary technical support to Client Excellence (CE) during the study maintenance phase, including tro ...

直接採用 Ahead Group
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Ahead Group is looking for Software Engineers that will be responsible for System Integration as part of Managed Services into a rapidly growing customer-oriented software solutions company. This company is the top SaaS provider in APAC that helps restaurants and local businesses manage their customer relationships, using a variety of specific tools and services provided by inline and fully managed by our customers.

We are looking for developers who have solid server-side development skills using Node and TypeScript. After joining, the candidates will ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

• Work with modern languages and frameworks, cloud infrastructure and authentication layers, solving real problems impacting millions of users.
• Get a chance to touch different aspects of company ecosystem: Shopping, Partner APIs and internal services.
• Share your knowledge within the engineering domain and contribute to evolving best practices and culture.
Skills: AWS architecture, Java, Scala, Python, Typescript, Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Docker, Terraform, CircleCI, DataDog

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

◎ We are recruiting in 3 positions of back-end engineer, front-end engineer, and PM in 100% in-house development!
It was
We are looking for engineers who want to lead the growth market while directly reflecting the voice of users. We will entrust you with the development work of your own service.

・ Promote the conversion of our own ebook system to microservices.
・ We will work on the development and operation of existing systems.
・ In collaboration with the SRE team, we will improve the development experience and plan / ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

Please build a new WEB business platform and create a WEB site.

≪Promote employee-friendly company building !! ≫
We are promoting the creation of an environment that is friendly to working people, including a cafeteria where you can eat for around 400 yen per meal.
Regarding treatment and welfare programs, there are various systems such as social gatherings, social gatherings, and club activities.
Many of the working people are calm and friendly, and there are many job changers who say, "It is impressive that there are many attractive people." ...

人材紹介 ソフトウェアメーカー
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ Manager Level
Job Description

A global financial management software developer is seeking an Alliance Manager. The chosen applicant will develop and foster business relationships with C-level executives and management teams to increase subscription sales.


* Gain knowledge of competitive markets and customer needs
* Lead the sales cycle through effective value management, inside sales and marketing
* Maintain a sustainable customer pipeline
* Conduct sales forecasts with sales partners
* Take part in arranging sales and marketing events and activities ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description



■開発環境:WindowsまたはMac ※入社時、選択可能
■ ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description


これまで同社がコールセンター業界向けにサービス開発に取り組んできた知見を活かし「音声AI」の技術Google Speech APIを活用した「AI秘書代行」をイメージしたプロダクトの開発を行います。

・自動応答の音声メッセージを自由に設定。電話に出られないタイミングでも自動で対 ...

Job Description

Google Speech APIを使っての音声認識の自社製品の電話AI、または自社Webサービスのバックエンド、またはフロントエンドの設計、開発を担当して頂きます。

データベース:MySQL、Redis ...

Job Description


■ 同社の業務支援システム(代行システム、仕事検索など)のシステム開発、運用
■ メール配信システムのリニューアル開発および保守・運用
■ 仕様、開発工程の検討および仕様書・設計書の作成 ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

We are looking for a Backend Engineer who can accelerate product development and backend architecture improvements. Our product is more than 4 years old since launch and we are in the phase of continuous product improvement and architecture review in parallel. We are looking for an engineer who can enjoy this change with us!

Our expectations for this position are two main ones

Ability to work on and improve our existing product (Python)
Maintenance and replacement of existing products requires a persistent effort. In some cases, documentation may ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

My client is one of the biggest eCommerce company, famous for its products not only in Japan but globally as well. The team that is hiring for this role is responsible for important features on the web specifically in mini applications and microservices. They have been continuously improving its products to become the top eCommerce company in the industry.


* Work with cross-functional and global teams consisting of full stack engineers and product managers to create pragmatic products
* Design and develop highly available, high perf ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

The company is particular about being involved in development and operation in-house, and every day identifying problems, considering improvement ideas, and implementing services.
Since the team is composed of a small number of people, each person has a great deal of discretion, and he / she can incorporate opinions and ideas more and more.
Under such circumstances, they are actively incorporating the latest technology while taking advantage of the characteristics of the cloud, and trying to develop services that are more satisfying to the customers.

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

• Development and operation of platforms in the credit card business
• Back-end development of WebAPI, batch, etc.
• Operation and maintenance of existing systems Also, 5 people for each system

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

• The position is for a full-stack engineer which supports all media products development teams. Responsibilities include:
• Design, develop, deploy and maintain various media streaming platforms for high throughput, low latency websites
• Launch new products and features with a deep knowledge of the market, competition, and user demand for cloud-based video services, and work with product managers to further improve them
• Work with a cross-functional team of engineers, marketing, UX, and others in pursuit of cutting-edge technology, and lea ...

人材紹介 (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

◆ Recruitment background
Japan's leading recipe video service "kurashiru" operated by dely is looking for software engineers for further expansion of the new grocery delivery business.

#Language & Framework
--TypeScript 4.1.3 (as of April 2021)
--React 17
--React Native
# Middleware
# Version control

▼ About the grocery delivery business
In December 2020, kurashiru collaborated with AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd. and made a linkage function with "AEON Net ...