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In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses as web services -now commonly known as cloud computing. Today, AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. As our customers grow their businesses, AWS continues to provide Infrastructure that meets their global requirements, aiming to be the most customer centric company on earth.

The Infrastructure Operations (Data Center) Team is the b ...

Job Description

This position will involve participation in the development of a new social search platform.

Some of the components in this platform include:
UI/UX, Machine Learning (LTR) for search result improvement, Application Security, API design, development and maintenance.

As a web application development engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple components in this platform, as needed and depending on your experience. ...

Job Description

[Business description]
Design and development of home games, smartphone apps, and MMOs * 100% in-house development

In particular
《Server development》
Linux server application development, DB development, communication processing, Web development tools for server management and operation, etc.

《Client development》
Interface side application development, 3D technology development, GUI development, interpolation processing, etc.

"Research and Development"
Introduce new technologies, develop frameworks to improve development efficiency, ...

Job Description



C#、C++、JavaScript、HTML5+CSS3 ...

Job Description

We are an e-commerce and marketing agency from Tokyo.
We are a mix of creative and talented people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.
We focus on helping merchants increase sales through website design, creative personalization, and marketing strategies.
We are currently seeking a developer for our in-house developed system.

<Development Environment>
- Back-end: PHP (Laravel Framework)
- Front-end: Vue.js
- Database: MongoDB
- Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, RDS, SES, S3), Docker
- Agile Methodology: Scrum
- Languages spoken: English + Japane ...

Job Description


世界No1の人財サービス企業であるAdecco Groupの日本Modis事業部は発足したばかりで、グローバル人材の方を中心に今後約50名 ...

Job Description

Ahead Group is looking for a Linux/Middleware Engineer to join us onsite at an International Insurance firm in Tokyo

・ Manage infrastructure systems in local and overseas reliability/sustainability
・ Support in-house projects to follow global project framework & to achieve requirement/timeline
・ Build/develop/quality assurance of Unix/Linux/Microsoft system
・ Software asset management (License, Product/Hardware Life Cycle)
・ In house/outsource application support
・ Analyze, design, implement the system or enhancements

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description


You will be responsible for the upstream process of application development according to the specifications required by the product department in the new health care business.


* Optimizing the daily needs of medical and health apps
* Resolving issues during development
* New technology research, research and application


* Experience with Objective-C language and iOS infrastructure.

* Experience in functional design and coding.

Job Offer

* Competitive Salary
* Opportunity to join a revolutionary ...

Job Description

You will be assigned in consideration of your skills and wishes such as outsourcing, in-house development and development/design for each project.

[Specific work content]
■ Website application design
■ Programming

[What makes this job a attractive?]
■ Introducing projects from various projects ranging from stable projects such as insurance / medical industry and public works projects to native application development work. There is also contract development work.
■ You will be in charge of all design and development phases accord ...

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Job Description

As a full-stack engineer, you will be involved in a wide range of industry/product development projects, including finance, distribution, and communications, from web services customers with a rapid development cycle. Therefore, depending on the project, you will be responsible for the front, back end, and infrastructure while adopting new technologies. ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

You will lead the development of a series of optimization solutions (DyAS) for warehouses while using big data and AI algorithms, and ultimately will be widely used service. Drawing out the ideal product, down to specific specifications, and drafting a development plan. Collaborate with developers to bring products to the market that never have been seen before.

The company is a provider of solutions based on the world's most advanced technologies in the logistics domain. Their members have plenty of experience in data science and marketing, as well a ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

The company's software engineers support the ever-increasing number of users and the processing of large amounts of data. The following are examples of issues that senior software engineers should work on.

Lead the architecture design of Web applications that can withstand the ever-increasing number of users' access, the selection of optimal storage and the design of schemas.
Design a product refactoring policy that is regularly performed, and improve the product code that keeps growing to have good visibility.
Create Ads, an advertising product tha ...

Job Description

You will develop applications for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS) and web systems.
There is also cooperation with the group company in Philippines.
【In particular】
Depending on the experience, you will be in any of the following positions.
■ Smartphone application development
・ Business application development
・ Consumer application development
■ Open Web software development
・ Web application of major companies ・ EC development
・ Requirement definition for small projects-design-implementation-test etc.
*The leader and ...

Job Description

At the core, there are people who are experienced in bringing natural language processing to the world as a product, so you can absorb their knowledge and know-how. No single product in the world has successfully used natural language processing with an ERP system. It's a very difficult area, but it's worth aiming for the world's first one.

[Business description]
・ Research and development and continuous improvement of morphological analysis, named entity extraction technology, dependency structure analysis
・ Research and development of keyword ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
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Job Description

【 Job Description 】

・ You will take the role of Development engineer of image recognition model (AI model). You will be involved in the development of an image recognition model (AI model) as an engineer for endoscope AI development.
・ Development of image recognition model (AI model) installed in endoscope diagnosis support software
・ Performance evaluation of image recognition model
・ Develop teacher data creation tools and maintain datasets

【Development environment】
・ Language: Python / C ++, etc.
・ Framework: PyTorch / ...

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