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Recruiter レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.

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Job Description

You will be responsible for translating the game.
You will be responsible for localization work that will be widely accepted by people in the Simplified Chinese area while maintaining the quality of the original text.

This is a position that performs various tasks other than the translation required to localize the game for the Simplified Chinese region.
・ Coordination and negotiation with other departments
・Schedule management
・Implementation of the translated version into the game and confirmation of the act ...

Job Description

[Business content details]
・Respond to various requests (inquiries, orders, requests, etc.) from Japanese customers of existing customers (telephone/email/using the system)
・Support related to the services provided and response to trouble reports
・System input such as various requests and trouble reports, assignment to related departments
・Confirmation with the customer about incomplete contents of the ordered order
・Business cooperation with related departments in Japan and overseas
・Customer support related to the operation of the cus ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ Entry Level
Job Description

■ Work outline
You will be required to carry out localization work that will be widely accepted by English-speaking people while maintaining the quality of the original text.

■ Business content
You will be responsible for the translation of the game. ...

Job Description

■ Work outline
A position to perform various tasks other than translation necessary for localizing the game for English-speaking countries.

■ Business content
・ Implement the translated version in the game and check the actual machine
・ Creation, editing, management, etc. of translation-related material ...

Job Description

[Job overview]
I would like to ask for management work for the VTuber group affiliated to the English-speaking world.
You will be involved in creative work such as supporting all of the activities of the river and creating a real live performance together with the river.

[Business content details]
You will be responsible for the following tasks related to the river you are in charge of.
・Schedule management and adjustment
・Preparation, recording, and performance support for live performances (3D distribution live performances, real events, et ...

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

[Job Summary]
A wide variety of influencers with various appearances and inner thoughts belong to our largest virtual liver project in Japan.
You will be in charge of negotiating and proposing with companies that are interested in the influence of your talent, and acquiring projects that make use of their strengths.
In addition, in cooperation with sales planners, we may ask you to propose new projects directly to clients.
Our role is not to sell services mechanically by one person, but to challenge new areas while sometimes cooperating.
It's a deve ...

Job Description

[Job overview]
This time, we are looking for someone who can work as an overseas public relations officer.
Please check that the business content is described.

In the overseas PR business,
You will be mainly entrusted with strengthening our overseas public relations (corporate services).

[Public relations]
・Strategic planning and execution of public relations for overseas
・In-house media management
・Media relations
・Internal and external negotiations

Recruiter (Company is not publicly visible)
  • ★ ★ Staff Level
Job Description

・Assist your team in defining, developing and refining target personas for Our global brand and public relations activities
・Help develop and execute media strategies for Our corporate message to reach target personas
・Identify opportunities in current events where Our message could provide a meaningful impact for the general public
・Tell Our story in an engaging way for global audiences through articles, press releases, and other media
・Liaise with local partners from around the world in finding media opportunities.
・Prepare speaking e ...

Job Description

[Job Summary]
After joining the company, you will be engaged in work as an application engineer after deepening your understanding of the service you are in charge of and system configuration through short-term training. Even if you have no experience with payment services, you will be able to work with peace of mind.
In the future, we expect you to aim to become a senior engineer, but depending on your wishes, skills, and career path, you may be able to progress to project manager.

<Position responsibility>
・High quality application development ...

Job Description

[Business content]
You will be responsible for translating overseas versions of newly developed social games.
You will be responsible for localization work that will be widely accepted by English-speaking people.

・Character translation
・Translation of the main scenario
・Translation of in-game terms

After applying, please create our assignment. ...

Job Description

[Job overview]
You will be engaged in the work of translating the in-game text of foreign-made games. In this work, it is important to accurately reflect the cultural differences between Japan and South Korea, as well as differences in language nuances and expressions. In addition, you will be required to devise expressions and phrases that match the world view of the game and the personality of the character, so you can gain experience that is different from the uniform translation work used in business. In addition, translation work for Korean interna ...

Job Description

[Job Summary]
The Global Business Division is looking for translators for game localization.

[Business content details]
・Translation from English or Japanese to Korean
・Supervision of texts translated by external translators
・Quality control for the Korean language that will be implemented in the end ...

Job Description

[Job Summary]
In order to smoothly proceed with the project at our global partner business department,
Acting as a mediator between the person in charge of the Korean company, which is a client, and our staff
It is a job that you have to do.

[Business content details]
・Translation of proposals prepared by sales
・Project progress report to client
・MTG setting with clients and interpreting when they are present

We plan to be involved in a wide range of ...

Job Description

・Mainly interpreting at internal and group company meetings (EN←→JP)
・Translation of design documents and internal documents (mainly from JA to EN)
・Management of IT-related contracts such as IT services, software, license agreements, and hardware
・Internal procedures for new purchases, contract renewals, and cancellations, ordering with vendors, and payment processing
・Creation of documents and minutes, etc.
・Clerical work such as organizing data and documents ...

Job Description

[Job Summary]
As the second person in charge of our back office, you will be in charge of a wide range of tasks such as general affairs, accounting, and labor.

[Business content details]
・ General affairs: answering phones, confirming mail and parcels, shipping work, checking and replenishing equipment, receiving visitors, stamping contracts, bookbinding, administrative work, arranging dinners and company events (welcome parties and year-end parties), Preparation of related manuals, handling of internal communication matters, bureaucratic procedur ...

Job Description

[Job overview]
It has grown into a site visited by 30 million monthly users in Japan, started overseas business in 2017, and is currently developing media in 8 countries and regions.

Due to the expansion of our US business, we are looking for editors and translators to create English article content!
For the positions we are recruiting for this time, we plan to do the following work in the US business.

[Business content details]
・Production of English content (editing/translation)
・ Other general planning work related to content production ...

Job Description

[Job Summary]
While interpreting for trainees,
You will be responsible for on-site demolition work and CAD work.
(1) Employed as an interpreter and designer: Supervisor LD for design work and trainees
② Employed as an interpreter and demolition site worker: LD who supervises demolition site operations and trainees

Job Description

[Job overview]
[Data Center Technician] *Inexperienced IT people are welcome/English can be used!!*
It is a job where you can learn the basics of IT while working.
More than 80% of the people who joined the company are inexperienced in IT, but they are active!
Career advancement is also possible depending on yourself!
If you want to improve your English skills because you use English on a daily basis,
If you already have English proficiency, you can get used to work smoothly.

[Business content details]
In the data center, you will mainly be inv ...

Job Description

[Work outline]
Field engineer work in the data center
[Details of business contents]
■ Customer admission
■ Responding to customer calls and requests from within the company
■ Troubleshooting
■ Construction management such as construction orders for light and strong electricity
■ Demand factor management of power supply and air conditioning in the server room
■ Business schedule management
■ Clerical work such as document preparation
* Even if you are inexperienced, you can stand alone with about 3 months of training. ...

Job Description

[Job overview]
You will be in charge of translation and localization (from Japanese to English) of kintone's UI wording and help.
We would like you not only to translate Japanese into English, but also to consider the most appropriate expression after having a deep understanding of the product's functions and policies.

[Business content details]
・Translation and localization of UI wording and help
・Review UI wording and help translated by other translators
・Management and maintenance of translation assets (e.g. translation memories, glossar ...

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