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Employer Modis Ltd.

Make the best use of your IT engineering skills here in Japan!

Let's work as a full-time global IT engineers in Japan !

About Modis
Modis is a service specialized in the IT/engineering staffing area of Adeco Group, a global leader in comprehensive human resource services. Modis currently has offices in 20 countries with over 30,000 enginners and is designed to support engineers who want
to utilize the IT engineering skills they have acquired in their home country here in Japan.” Not only that, Modis is looking to revolutionize the working environment here in Japan by making the country a much more global place that appreciates foreign engineers. 

Full support to work in Japan with peace of mind

VISA issue/update/switch support
Modis supports procedures VISA update.

Follow employment after returning to your home country
Modis, which has offices all over the world, will also follow employment after returning to Japan.

English-speaking staff provides career support
Modis accepts career consultations at any time.

Transparent and flexible Modis working mechanism

No.1 in engineer staffing services with clear and easy-to-understand evaluation systems
No.1 engineer staffing service where engineers feel enthusiastic about working

No.1 engineer staffing service that is recognized to provide active environment for engineers ‘growth even after 10 years of working. 

Research by Japan Marketing Research Organization
Survey Overview: Brand Image Survey conducted in July 2021

About HR and Performance evaluation

We have 25 salary stages for evaluation of engineers. The salary is determined by performance. We also have a wage revision system twice a year. We provide an environment where all engineers can continue working for a long time.

About overtime
The average overtime hours of Modis engineers are around 13 hours per month. Overtime pay is 100% paid.

Comprehensive follow-up after assignment
Even after you was assigned to your workplace, we are preparing communication tools and holding exchange meetings with Modi's engineers who joined the company at the same time. While working in Japan, there is no need to worry about having anxiety alone.

Opportunities to engage in various projects

Modis has a client with over 10,000 companies. There are many large-scale companies and high-quality companies that are attractive, and we have the opportunity to work on large-scale projects at a well-known Japanese company. 

[Projects industry]
・SIer ・Think tank ・Mobile phone ・Communication carrier
・Automobiles ・Semiconductors ・Automobile parts ・Precision machinery/robots ・Space/aviation equipment ・Consulting firms

Voices of senior engineers

Q. What made you decide to join Modis?
The staff at Modis not only communicated in English, but also understood the values of their working style. In addition, Modi's engineers will be employed as full-time employees of Adeco Corporation. Therefore, I thought that I could continue working for a long time with peace of mind and decided to join the company.

Q. What kind of workplace do you work in?
I plan to work as an operations engineer who keeps the TV system running. Modis introduced many companies that matched my skills and experience. After the interview at work, Modis staff actively followed me by email and phone, so I was able to wait with peace of mind until the hiring was decided. I am looking forward to working from now on.

Q. Please tell us your future goals!
As an engineer, I want to be able to do upstream processes. My goal is to become a PM (PM/Project Manager) within a few years. I've been in charge of sub-leadership in Taiwan, but I think it's difficult to manage team members right away in Japan, so I'd like to gain experience for a while before taking on the role of leader. I would like to continue to step up in Japan and enjoy the sense of accomplishment in my work.

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