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Top Message「good solution, good support, good specialty.」 みなさまとともに、未来へ・・

(English description below after Japanese)

コーポレートキーワード「good solution, good support, good specialty」 のもと、医薬・医療・医療機器・ヘルスケア業界の未来にむけて、お客様の価値創造に貢献し、ビジネスの持続的な発展を通じて社会の発展に貢献すると共に、私たちが仕事を通じて成長することですべてのステークホルダーのQOL(Quality of Life)の向上に貢献します。

Why the Ladybird & Four-leaf Clover
天道虫(LadyBird)は飛び立つときに木の枝先などに登る習性があり、天への道を教えてくれることから名付けられました。四つ葉のクローバー(Four-Leaf Clover)は、希望・誠実・愛情・健康などの意味合いがあります。










①「メディママ保育園」は東京・池袋の本社からすぐ!「育児と仕事の両立を目指したい」 そんな社員のために設置しています。育児をしながら安心して仕事ができる、とママさん社員に大変好評です。



Top Message「Good solution, Good support, Good specialty. 」Working together towards the future~

Under our company slogan "good solution, good support, good specialty"
EP-PharmaLine will contribute to:

・The creation of valuable solutions for our clients for the future of pharmaceutical, medical care, medical device and healthcare industries;
・The development of society through sustainable business development; and
・The improvement of Quality of Life (QOL) for all the stakeholders.

Why Ladybird and Four-Leaf Clover?
The ladybug (LadyBird) is named after its habitat, climbing up to the tip of a twig, before taking off, and it shows us the way to Heaven. The four-leaf clover symbolizes hope, faith, love and health.

This symbol represents the company policy of EP-PharmaLine which is to 'contribute to the development of health care industry', aiming to the next stage as a leading company in the CSO business.

Hiring a Consulting Sales! Join our team today

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★What is a Consulting Sales? 
As a sales support role, the Consulting Sales person is responsible for deepending client relationships and understanding clients' needs. They will work closely with the sales team to find a solution for any problems the client is facing, and consolidate the information into an English presentation. Many of clients are foreign enterprises, therefore English communication skills is a must. 

★Why apply? 
You can build your network with clients and partner companies. At EP-PharmaLine, we do not only sell products but also play a large role in supporting a project from the start to end internally and with the client. 

★Our office environment
A leading company in the pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, and medical device industry

A team you can grow together with  
① Challenge yourself in a young, diverse team
Average age is early 30s; female to male ratio is 6:4

Opportunities to get to know your colleagues outside of work~ 
Company events such as hanami, bowling, and more! 

An open environment! 
An open office layout makes it easier share advice and opinions with teammates and managers

Work with a peace-of-mind! 
① We have a child-daycare right next to our Ikebukuro office! This is very popular with working mothers who want to find a balance between work and raising their children. 

② So our employees can feel refreshed while working, we have a massage room included in our office. There are two full-time masseurs and employees are welcome to use services during work! Affordable price: 200yen/15 mins, 400yen/30 mins. 

A place where you can challenge yourself! 
There's usually an image of "Medical = highly specialized" but that is actually not the case! At EP-Pharmaline, many of our employees are from a liberal arts background. We greatly believe in supporting our employees growth, so if you would like to challenge yourself in the medical industry, please feel free to apply! 

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