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Active in 20s and 30s! Work in a global environment

Global PointOur features

We are a company that incubates and invests in IT business.

Regarding incubation, we will invest our own funds in-house to start a business and spin off after the POC period. We are EXIT by selling by M & A or IPO in a span of about 2 to 5 years. The Group has invested in more than 20 companies at five global bases, including Japan and the United States. As for the latest results, one company is scheduled to be listed in November 2020, and another company is scheduled to be listed in the first half of 2021.

Investment destination (most recent only)
・ Gameflip ・ GAME CHANGER ・ E sports Plus ・ Talent Hub ・ Hash Quant ・ Arara ・ dotHomes ・ Mobilus

JobRecruitment type

・ Real estate sales ・ Business planning ・ Execution staff ・ Clerk

Benefits/EnvironmentThis is the person who suits us

1. Those who want [high upside] At the time of spin-off, we will distribute shares to the main members according to their contribution. As the team is working together to grow the business with the goal of exiting in 2-5 years, the capital gains when the business / company you lead exits will be incomparably higher than working elsewhere. must.

2. Those who want to get [more rewards] We will pay more rewards. If you are a high performer, you will definitely get a higher salary.

3. Those who want to do [Management] I would like excellent people to be immediately involved in the management of new businesses. In fact, some members are in their early twenties and are involved in management immediately after joining the company.

4. People who want to work with [smart and talented people] Startups that have just started a business are in the battle of "how quickly can they be monetized with limited initial funds (= time limit)". In other words, it is impossible to keep paying people who can't think and move with their own minds and who can't perform. Therefore, only smart people and people who can produce results remain in the team.

5. People who like [new things, new businesses] We are incubating into new businesses using IT. For those who like to create something from scratch, and those who like new things, it will be a stimulating environment.

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