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Top MessageAiming to be Japan's Leading Cloud Service Vendor

(View from the FIXER office.)

Established in 2009 FIXER has been accumulating expertise since Azure's start in Japan. FIXER has been supporting app development & providing managed services optimized for public clouds. Clients are major global companies such as Toyota Connected,Panasonic and recently increasing business with Financial Institutions.

【Our primary services】
■ cloud.config
Our flagship offering for Microsoft Azure as a full managed service with implementation, operation and 24/365 monitoring and maintenance.

■ Technology Consulting
One stop service for everything related to website development. We take care of everything from planning, strategy proposals, design, system architecture all the way to maintenance and updating content.

Benefits/EnvironmentDeploy your future with FIXER

(↓Another view from the FIXER office!↓)

FIXER is a company where people who enjoy a challenge can realize their dreams. You won't find a stronger believer in technology, and in trying new things.

Be a part of the team today!

Now hiring
General Manager Assistant
Full-stack Engineer

JobWorking in a Dynamic and Fast-Growing Global Team

Interview with our Architect and Full-Stack Engineer, Aaron

Fabrizio: Let's start with the basic question of "Tell me about yourself". It would be fantastic if you can also let us know why you decided to come in Japan.

Aaron: No problem! My name is Aaron, I'm the technical lead / cloud solutions engineer on the GBA team at FIXER. I hail from Cambridge, England and have over 10 years professional experience in the IT field. I have always had a fondness of computer and problem solving, ever since I got my first computer at 8 years old, I've been endlessly gaming, tampering and trying to figure out how computers work.

I've had several positions throughout my years in IT, my first ever opportunity was working for a EDI software house providing low level technical support on numerous EDI based platforms. I worked for this company for 7 years and at this time, I felt I needed a change of scenery and after a short trip to Japan 1 year earlier in Osaka, thought Japan would be a great place to have my sabbatical.

Fabrizio: Indeed, Japan is of the best places for a sabbatical. After settling down, how did you join FIXER? Where did you hear about us?

Aaron: I heard of FIXER unexpectedly through a recruitment agent. After reading about FIXER's venture into cloud-based technologies and being a company aimed at fixing problems, I was very eager to hear more.

A lot of what attracted me to FIXER was my hiring process, during the entire ordeal, I felt I was given a lot of opportunities to probe what the company does and how engineers are given the opportunity to have their own ideas and bring them to the table. For someone like me, I felt that with a simple idea, I could take that and turn it into something incredible for the world.

Fabrizio: Such a great ambition! I know that you are doing great things, but please tell us more about your current role and the project you are working on.

Aaron: My current position at FIXER has really given me an opportunity to use all the things I've learnt over the years. I am a cloud solutions architect by title, but I am currently involved in the architecture design and development of the company's flagship solution cloud.config Portal as an Architect/Full-Stack Engineer.

Fabrizio: I perfectly understand that kind of situation. Ok, last question! Thinking about the future, how do you see FIXER fitting in with your long-term career goals?

Aaron: I believe FIXER will be a long term stay for me personally as the company endorses opportunity to work on a diverse range of technologies and products in various different industries, from Fintech to Blockchain, to the everyday things people could use in IoT and cloud-based services.

I want to become an integral part of the Japanese technical industry, and I believe FIXER gives me that chance to grow and develop something that could truly change the world for the better.

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