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Do YOU want to create a social innovation with us?

JobWork with a diverse global team!

【Diverse Team】
Our office is global, with half of our employees from Peru, China, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, and Australia. Among our Japanese members, we have those who have lived in the Philippines, worked at an NGO in Pakistan and more.

【Bilingual Environment】 We mainly use English internally but as we have Japanese staff, this is also a great place to practice your Japanese skills!

【A Great Place for Women and Working Parents】
Our CEO gave birth in 2017 and brings her baby to work in the office.
We also have other members who are active in the PTA and other activities which makes it a great place for working mothers.

「Diversity is the Foundation of Innovation」

Our aim is the bring together innovative thinkers to change the current work standards in Japan and the world. 

「Stick out from the crowd」and drive change in Japan's work culture.  
Share our vision for innovative change? Join now!

JobAlways changing the way we work.

【A Role Model to Other Companies】

In order to become a role model to other companies in Japan, Active Connector actively promotes a global and culturally friendly environment where everyone can thrive.  

For this, we are constantly "experimenting" with new ways of working.
Our company currently provides: 

A system for Muslim staff to go home early for Ramadan
Special sick leave (separate from normal paid holidays)
Self-reporting own work time
Work from Home system
1-1 sessions
Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) rotation
Baby room within office

We are constantly incorporating new wonderful ways of working that other companies do not have yet. 


Top MessageGlobal Thinking Towards Innovation

【Your Role in an Expanding Business】
Active Connector is currently in the expansion stage of our business, so we want everyone who enters the company to be involved in building our business and preparing new projects for launch. We not only want to help candidates find their dream job, but we also want to offer services focusing on corporate culture and career orientation. In addition, we are in the middle of preparing a new support service that will help foreign talents to be more active and efficient in the Japan work force. 

Benefits/EnvironmentA Place to Show Your Passion

【Set Your Own Goals(OKR)】
In addition to team KPI (Key Performance Indicator), we have adopted a system from the Silicon Valley called "OKR" (Objectives and Key Results). Creating your OKR with your manager and team is a great opportunity to design your career path and take charge of your own projects. 

Along with day-to-day sales activities, our team members are also working on various projects. For example: 
・Establishment of a career support service for candidates
・Event Planning
・Web Marketing
・And various other new business

【1-1 Once a Month】
Once a month, there is a 1-1 meeting with the manager to reflect on your projects and on how you worked towards your goal. 
Managers and other executives are 100% committed to support you in developing your career and reaching your goals.

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