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Office Location 〒110-0016
1-10-6 Sawa building 5F(reception)・ 7F, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Services A recruitment agency specialized in matching foreign-national job seekers living in Japan to employers.
Industries Various industries of ranging from start-ups to listed companies.
Positions Translator, Interpreter, International sales representative, Inbound- associated occupations, Sales clerk, Bridge job among two/many countries...etc
Achievements Listed companies (manufacturing, real-estate, travel, consulting, hotel, apparel...etc)
Multinational companies (manufacturing, hospitality services, Advertisement...etc)
Start-up, Unicorn companies (Financial, IoT, Fintech, AI, education, Web advertisement, SIer...etc)
Consultant Introduction Multinational-career coordinators in the 20s-40s
Contact Policy Within a week, we will contact you after you register with our service via Daijob.

You can find the best job via GLOBALPOWER.Inc services!

For 19 years, we have been providing quality career-matching services!

GLOBAL POWER is a company that

for foreigners who love Japan and want to work in Japan.

We support the people from abroad who want to work in Japan.

We have about 400 jobs for candidates from abroad! Please contact us!

◆Translation and interpreting
◆Overseas sales
◆Trade affairs
◆Travel affairs

◆Work in the anime industry
◆Hotel front desk
◆Accounting work
◆Customer service, interpreter sales, etc.

Global Power also has non-Japanese employees.
Many of them have studied abroad, and all of them love "

What We're Proud of


【Strength of GLOBAL POWER】
 Point① 19 years of accumulated know-how
 Point② Speedy and reliable matching
 Point③ Large number of projects we can introduce
 Point④ Multilingual support
 Point⑤ Visa support available

【Comments from Registered Job Seekers!】
  We have received the following comments from job seekers who have used our services!

  -Speedy and detailed support
 -Generous after-sales support

 -The number of positions in our database
 -The passion and kindness of our staff! Family-like relationship
 -High matching ability

[Won 3 crowns] A company that is supported by foreigners!

In a survey of 100 foreign nationals residing in Japan who have engaged in job hunting or job change activities, we won the triple crown.

★ No. 1 in user satisfaction (Career support service for foreigners)
★ No. 1 kind and polite introduction company
★ No. 1 job site for foreigners
(May 2018 field survey contractor: General Research)

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GLOBALPOWER Inc. / 株式会社グローバルパワー

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