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Strategy/ProductsExpanding Business with Managed IT Solutions

ISFnet is an IT infrastructure company that continues to grow with engineers.

ISF Net, which employs approximately 2000 engineers, is developing various solutions based on IT infrastructure.
In addition to responding to various issues faced by customers, we are focusing on developing IT infrastructure engineers who can achieve further growth for customer companies and developing solutions that meet the needs of the times, such as the cloud.


Point.1 Aim to become an engineer who can develop and infrastructure
I came to Japan in 2014 to study Japanese and became a development engineer in Japan. However, can't you improve your skills while working? I decided to change jobs. I learned about IS F net at a recruitment site for foreigners. I want to be an engineer who can develop and infrastructure by taking on the challenge of infrastructure! I decided to join the company. The same engineers need different knowledge for development and infrastructure. The network, server, and cloud engineer learned that the skill level was judged by their qualifications, and proceeded with learning to acquire the qualifications.

Point.2 Utilizing skills in a wide range of activities from global projects to network projects
The first project I was commissioned was for a global company with headquarters overseas. While working in English and Japanese, I increased my knowledge of infrastructure while using my language skills. After that, accumulated experience and knowledge of network design and construction by being involved in system migration matters. As it was, I was in charge of the operation and maintenance of the system and experienced the entire network construction process. I was blessed with senior engineers, and I was able to work with experts in each business, so I learned a lot in a short period of time. Unlike development engineers, there are many things that I actually do at the customer site, which was very fresh.

Point.3 Turned into a cloud engineer
My boss advised me to get AWS qualification for my future career. As cloud computing progressed, it was clear that knowledge of AWS would be required as an engineer in the future. I started studying immediately, and the more I learned, the more interesting it became. I got AWS Associate and CCNP qualifications, and I decided to take charge of the current project. Currently, we are using Linux and AWS to automate the operation and monitoring of 2,000 mail servers. I was very happy when I was able to build a mechanism to automate some of the work by taking advantage of Linux and AWS features.

Point.4 Holiday to enjoy what you like
Originally, my hobby was assembling computers, but now I enjoy reading, traveling, cycling and bowling. In addition, I participate in the board game community and interact with various people. When I came to Japan thinking "I want to be able to speak Japanese well", I never imagined that I was living like this a few years later. I feel that my hobby is connected to my work and that I am connected to myself as an engineer, so I will continue to aim for the height of an engineer while valuing my hobby time.

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