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Office Location 21F New Otani Garden Court, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Services Recruitment, high-end job transfers, professional dispatch
Industries Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Media & Entertainment, Professional Services, Consumer Goods
Positions Executive Leaders, Project Managers, IT Technology Related Technical Jobs, Logistics & Supply Chain, Administration Departments
Achievements ■Case study where we dispatched a HR expert to a long-established foreign energy manufacturer

【Situation and proposal】
The company was considering hiring a CHRO, a very important position, but due to internal circumstances, the current HR manager was to resign before the new CHRO joined the company.
In order to continue change management, they urgently needed someone to take on the role as an immediate force, but they were unable to find a suitable candidate.

Randstad's professional dispatch team was able to introduce a bilingual professional dispatch staff member with extensive experience as a HR manager and in management positions in about two weeks.

【After starting work】
The professional dispatch staff member immediately began working for the client.
After immediately understanding the company's situation, they overcame the difficult period based on their extensive experience and knowledge.
The client said, "He started working at the right time and helped both the global headquarters and the Japanese branch."
The professional dispatch staff member also said, "Because the situation was similar to my past experience, I was able to immediately put my knowledge to use, and I was able to work happily and with a sense of fulfillment." Both parties were pleased.
Consultant Introduction We have over 20 experienced consultants who are bilingual in English and Japanese. Our consultants specialize in different industries or functions. We also have consultants who speak Mandarin Chinese, French, and Hindi. Native language support is available, but all positions require either Japanese or English proficiency.
Contact Policy If your profile matches, we will contact you within one week. Please note that due to the large number of applicants, we may not be able to reply if your profile does not match.

the world's most equitable and specialized talent company.

Randstad was founded in the Netherlands in 1960 and is now a global human resources service company with over 4,700 locations in 39 countries and regions. Its basic philosophy is "human forward," and it has always placed great importance on bringing out the potential of workers and connecting that potential to careers and growth. It also operates 94 locations nationwide in Japan. In addition, in January 2021, it launched a brand specializing in the technology field, "randstad technologies," and is promoting the strengthening and expansion of its business in the technology field.


Why "Professional Haken"?

Randstad, the No. 1 global company, has many job openings that utilize language skills, mainly at foreign-affiliated companies. In addition to changing jobs, you can now choose from a variety of work styles, and temporary work is also attracting attention. Would you like to provide a place where you can utilize the career skills you have cultivated so far on a project/monthly basis?

Many large companies and high-paying jobs

Taking advantage of Randstad's global scale, there are many job offers with annual salaries of 8,000K to 15,000K yen, mainly with foreign-affiliated companies. Among the job offers, we can also introduce jobs with conditions comparable to those of changing jobs, such as positions that utilize language skills, high-spec/managerial positions such as management positions, and specialist positions that utilize skills.

Liberalization of work styles

We propose a new way of working, called temporary employment, mainly to seniors, and offer more freedom in working styles. It is possible to work highly specialized tasks in a way that suits your lifestyle, such as full-time, three days a week, short-term, or working from home , so you can enrich both your work and private life.

A bridge to career advancement

After you have been successful in more specialized projects, we can support you in your career development! We can also guide you through "permanent employment" where you will be transferred to permanent employment at the company you work for.

Applicable occupations and positions
Executive Leader
CHRO, CFO, CMO, accounting and finance, human resources, supply chain management, sales, marketing, etc.

Project manager
Launching new businesses, entering new markets, restructuring organizational structures for stock market conditions, establishing venture companies, appointing external advisors, etc.

IT Technology
IT infrastructure engineers (network, server, user support, hardware, cloud, security, etc.)
Software Engineers (Development, Application Support, Testing, DevOps, SRE, etc.)
IT project management (program manager, project manager, project support, etc.)
Data Engineering Enterprise Software Consulting & Support (SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.)

Logistics and Supply Chain
Logistics, forwarding, transportation, warehousing, purchasing, etc.

Managing section
Accounting and finance, tax, business planning, auditing, M&A, IR, human resources, analysts, general affairs, facilities, legal affairs, intellectual property, compliance, risk management, etc.

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Randstad Japan Professional Contract Specialist(Professional Haken)

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