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Employer TENGA Co., Ltd.

Making Sexual Wellness Something Everyone Can Enjoy

About TENGA Co., Ltd.

TENGA Co., Ltd. designs, produces and sells safe, functional and hygienic pleasure products, with the vision of making pleasure and sexuality, something everyone can enjoy. We also try to break the taboos around sexual wellness through the dissemination of factual information, breaking down barriers and demystifying something we feel is a natural human need.

【About TENGA Co., Ltd.】
Founded in 2005, TENGA Co., Ltd. and its brands TENGA, iroha and TENGA Healthcare are industry leaders not only within the sexual wellness market, but breaking in to mainstream markets in the domestic Japanese market as well as over 70 countries around the world. As of June 2021, the TENGA brand has shipped over 92 million units worldwide, and is by far the largest male pleasure item brand on the market by products sold. The TENGA Group is largely based in Japan, with the Headquarters in Tokyo being home to all of the large operation departments of the business, including Research & Development, Production, Sales, Marketing and HR.

【About the Marketing Department】
The Marketing Department was established in 2019, as the evolution of the PR & Advertising Department, with the main focus of the deparment being Marketing Communication.
This includes Public and Media Relations, operation of owned and shared media, acquisition of paid media and the operation of our e-commerce websites, as well as various ad-hoc activities such as sponsorship, collaborations and events.

Thanks to TENGA's unique position in every market, as well as the high quality of the products we manufacture, the Marketing Department enjoys freedom to break the mold in terms of communication strategies. We've partnered with athletes and bands as ambassadors, held conferences on sexual health, been a major plot point in popular TV shows and anime, while having an amazing fanbase that engages with our content both on-site and on social media.

At the same time, being the bridge between our brands and our fans means that a high degree of perception is vital to anyone who wishes to work at TENGA; at times the tightrope-walking that we do as a brand requires great sensitivity to current events, matters around sexual wellness and sexuality, and legal regulations around communicating our brands.


Interview: TENGA Marketing Department Manager

What's it like working at TENGA?

- I've been approached by people who hear that TENGA is a manufacturer of pleasure items that get the impression that the company is either some sort of lewd business or some sort of crazy experimental team. The reality is that the company is a brand manufacturer like any other, and the day-to-day of the business is what you'd expect of any SME - some brainstorming sessions, some pen-to-paper groundwork, some emails... Just peppered with the occasional sex toy expo here and there and a much more relaxed environment around what you can shout out as an idea in a meeting.

What are the challenges you face?

- The easy answer would be the regulations around communication activities, for example there are restrictions as to how we can utlizie paid media such as display advertising. However in that respect, I'd say it's actually in line with our beliefs that the topic of sexuality isn't something that you should necessarily have to be forced to consume.

The bigger challenge for me is the communication strategy around getting people who ARE interested in trying a product, to overcome the hurdle of the social stigma surrounding pleasure and the items that we've made available for that natural need. That said, it does lead to some very insightful conversations with event attendees, or when you talk to the media, about matters you'd usually never get to discuss.

Who do you think would fit in at the Marketing Department?

- The sort of people I feel get the most out of working at TENGA are open-minded people, that tend to have a good grasp of the social climate around sexual wellness. While we have a lot of fun with the ideas and themes of sexuality, ultimately we do try to aim to further a conversation that leads to sexuality being something everyone can enjoy their own way, so a certain level of understanding is important.

A Word From Our CEO

Matsumoto : The vision, "To bring sexuality to the forefront, for everyone to enjoy", was formed on the foundation that everyone deserves the right to enjoy their life, their way; without hurting or getting in the way of other people's right to enjoy theirs - one of our core beliefs is compassion. We will continue to hold dear everyone's right to enjoy their own sexuality, their own freedom, and their own life. It's the thought I put behind our brand message "Love, Freedom and TENGA". We'll continue to build a world where we can all live free, with love.

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