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Recruiter SCYLOG Co., Ltd.
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Office Location 〒102-0082
10-8 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Ichibancho West Building 5F
Services We are a recruiting team in which all counselors have experience studying abroad and living abroad.

Support from job introduction to job seekers to employment is completely free.
A professional consultant will fully support you from hearing to introduction of your desired conditions.
* Interviews are available in Japanese, English, and Chinese ♪

● Job introduction support for bilingual and returnees
● English CV creation advice
● English interview preparation support
● Career development
Industries We will introduce the job that suits you from more than 8,000 jobs, mainly foreign-affiliated companies and Japanese global companies ♪
Achievements ■ IT industry
◇ Japanese TSE First Section Global IT Company Sales 4.5 million yen ⇒ 6 million yen
◇ Foreign-affiliated IT company Outside lecturer 4 million yen → 5.5 million yen
Change of job from a junior high school English teacher

■ Consulting industry
◇ Foreign-affiliated research & consulting company Marketing & Sales 4 million yen → 6 million
Successful job change from Japanese engineer dispatch business to foreign-affiliated company
■ Recruiting
Foreign-affiliated recruitment company 3.5 million yen → 4.5 million yen
Experienced as a study abroad counselor in Australia. After returning to Japan, he changed jobs.
Consultant Introduction [Consultant example]
Men in their late 20s

After graduating from high school, moved to Australia. After graduating from a local university, experienced a marketing job at a Japanese company in Australia.
He has lived abroad for about 10 years. I joined SCYLOG because I wanted to make use of my local experience to support returning children and those who want to change jobs to foreign companies.

Contact Policy The person in charge will contact you within 2 business days of contacting you.

What We're Proud ofPlease leave the job change utilizing English ♪

Counselor example

I will tell you about the strengths of Cylog ♪♪

<1> We have more than 8,000 jobs including private jobs. From more than 8,000 jobs including exclusive jobs of Cylog, we meet your wishes such as jobs of companies with stable performance and jobs that can make use of your experience. Introducing the job offer ♪

<2> "English x specialized industry" consultants support job changes Cylog has specialized teams in various fields to support job changes based on the latest trends in the industry.
Please feel free to contact us if you want to advance your career in the same industry or if you want to challenge different industries ♪

<3> Providing detailed information about recruiting Basic information such as the future potential of the recruiting company, corporate culture, salary, treatment, required experience and skills, as well as details of the work in charge, how to proceed with work, team composition, etc. I will tell you the information that you can imagine concretely.

<4> Please contact us if you are not thinking of changing jobs immediately. If you want to change jobs if you have a good company, or just want to collect information now, please feel free to contact us. We can also contact you when a job is available that meets your needs.

<5> Leave all communication with the company. Even those who are busy while working can change jobs ♪
Many companies adjust the selection date and time and interview during the daytime on weekdays, which is a heavy burden for those who want to change jobs while working.
At Cylog, a career consultant will stand between you and the company to arrange application procedures and interview dates, so even busy people can continue their career change activities.

<6> All services are free
Our service is operated with a fee from the recruiting company.
We are happy to hear that "This is free !!?", But there is no cost for those who wish to change jobs.

I'm looking forward to talking with you ♪

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SCYLOG Co., Ltd.

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