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Office Location 316 Mishuku Bud Square, 1-14-8 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0005
Industries Industry: Consulting / Professional / IT / Internet
Occupation: Management / Professional
Position: Strong in management / executive class
Corporate system: Strong against major companies and venture companies
Positions CxO, CPA, Administration, DX,
Achievements <Example of achievements>
* Over 100 employees have joined the company (as individuals) / Over 5,000 career interviews
0053 PE Fund Director ⇀ BIG4 Accounting Consultant Director Annual Income: 18 million yen
0053 Major financial institution CxO ⇀ FinTech Startup Executive Officer Annual income: 25 million yen
0053 Audit Corporation Manager ⇀ IT Logistics Venture CFO Annual Income: 13 million yen
0053 IT company PM ⇀ Venture PMO Annual income: 10 million yen
0053 Venture Web Engineer ⇀ Startup PM Annual Income: 9 Million Yen
0053 Overseas sales of major manufacturers ⇀ Global manufacturer marketing Annual income: 8 million yen
0053 Major manufacturer management planning ⇀ Strategic consulting firm consultant Annual income: 9 million yen
0053 Major manufacturer sales ⇀ Global IT company Partner sales Annual income: 15 million yen
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