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Recruiter Upper Field
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Office Location 〒106-0031
1-6-12 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Bros Nishiazabu 3F
Services We can solve various problems related to foreign workers in one stop
It is a "General Contact".
〇Employment support
〇Life support
〇 Housing support
Industries Many foreign workers are already working. There are various forms, such as full-time employees, temporary employees, and companies that undertake business, but we strive every day for the future development of each. Upperfield will support them and work hard to find more places to work.
Positions 1. We dispatch, introduce and contract human resources to warehouse, factory, construction, delivery work, office work, etc.
2. After that, we will ask for your request and change your status of residence to support future steps.
3. We will provide specific support for business owners who have already started a business.
4. We provide not only work but also house on request
Achievements 〇 Picking and picking in warehouse
〇 Cleaning work inside the hotel
〇Dismantling-construction work (contract work)
〇Manufacturer desk work
〇Food factory office and line work etc.
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