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From Interviewer's Eyes[Latest information] Interview with seniors who joined the company via Daijob.com

We interviewed a senior employee who joined Alice via Daijob.com in 2020!

Q1. Please tell us about your current work.
What kind of place do you find rewarding?
"I am in charge of technical support for security products.
I find it rewarding to gain security-related knowledge. "

Q2. Please tell us the reason why you joined your company.
"In my previous workplace, there was no career change from technical support,
I couldn't hope to improve my skills.
However, at our company, security engineers and
I was fascinated by the fact that it was possible to advance my career to a SOC analyst.
Actually, two years after graduating from a new graduate (humanities), I hoped to be an infrastructure design / construction engineer.
Some seniors have acquired LPIC-LV1, CCNA, etc. and are active in their desired occupations. "

Q3. How often do you use English?
"In my case, I respond to inquiries and conversations with foreign-affiliated users in English.
I use English about 40% of the day. "

Q4. Please tell us about the atmosphere and working style of your department.
"As for the atmosphere, it is an environment that is well-ventilated and easy to ask questions.
You have to raise the antenna yourself
Since we may not be able to respond to inquiries from users
I feel that I need curiosity and aspirations. "

Q5. What can you be proud of?
"It's a well-ventilated place where seniors will always tell you if you ask a question.
Even if you join the company mid-career, you can conduct internal training and external training for about a month as needed.
First of all, we will have an education staff, so you can teach us carefully. "

Q6. Please tell me the schedule for the day.
・ 09:00 to 10:30 Confirmation of remaining events and correspondence ・ 10:00 to 17:00 Inquiries
・ 17: 00-17: 30 Progress confirmation ・ 17: 30-18: 00 Daily report creation

Q7. Can you give a message to job seekers?
"Those who are interested in security work and like to research.
Please hit the security gate! "

JobIf you have a desire to become an engineer who continues to play an active role, let's work with us!

ARIS Advanced Research & Information Service Inc.

Alice Co., Ltd. is implementing various projects such as smartphone application, medical system, financial system, etc., a wide range of system development, IT infrastructure design and construction. Even inexperienced people have an environment in which they can gain experience and grow according to their own thoughts and levels.

Those who have the desire to become an engineer who continues to play an active role
Let's work with us!

Benefits/EnvironmentOur culture and Our member

〇Inexperienced people are also welcome! !!

When I was a student, I had no technical experience in programming or infrastructure. Meanwhile, I decided to join Alice because I had the soil to try out the fields I was interested in even if I didn't have specialized knowledge, and I was attracted to the cozy atmosphere where people listened to me in a friendly manner. .. After joining the company, I had no experience in programming or networking, but thanks to the training that I could learn along the way , I was able to take the first step as an engineer. Currently, I am resident at a customer who is developing services based on big data together with my seniors, and I am in charge of building the network infrastructure. It's very rewarding to be able to get involved in a big project right away.

〇There is an environment where you can challenge! !!

Before joining the company, I heard the president's message, "You can fail! Always challenge with a positive mind," and I was convinced that this company could always grow and decided to join the company. At first, I sometimes lacked technical skills and experience, but now I am taking part in the project by having the person prepare the position of the leader I want , making use of the experience of the project I have been involved in so far. I feel that I am given the opportunity to build a new career.

▽ Message from the person in charge of human resources ▽
-You can feel the hard work and results! ---

We are 100% direct projects from major clients . From development to maintenance and operation. As we handle support consistently, we can prepare highly specialized projects and treatment as soon as we have the ability.

We are expanding our business by increasing new friends!

Since its establishment in 2001, Alice Co., Ltd. has steadily expanded its business and now has a total of 240 employees. The number of foreign staff is increasing, and an international corporate culture is being formed.

★ Expand to Vietnam! Alice's global hub

We also have an overseas base for offshore development in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We provide inexpensive and high-quality IT services by linking in real time through a large monitor at the Tokyo head office.

★ Refresh with club activities!

At our company, club activities are also active in addition to our usual work. There are various activities throughout the year, such as futsal competitions and golf competitions. Our representatives also participate in the golf competition, and members interact with each other regardless of their position, so the corporate culture is very friendly and open to the employees.


What We're Proud of<Special feature video> From Chiba TV "Business Vision"


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