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A global real estate agent!

Strategy/ProductsIt is indispensable for the globalization of Japan and the expansion of other nationality companies into Japan.

PECS., Ltd. is the only real estate company in Japan that can speak French. Established in 1991 to meet the real estate needs of international companies growing in Japan. To date, we have provided more than 500 internationally active companies with expertise in the Japanese real estate market based on our team of trilingual speakers. At PECS, we have always provided better service and responded to customer requests. One of the strengths of PECS is that we can understand the needs of our customers and respond immediately to them, and we would like to continue to maintain them. When it was first established, it specialized in housing and commercial rental services, but in recent years it has also provided real estate transaction services, real estate management, real estate project development, and building management services in Japan.

Benefits/EnvironmentThe office location is a 5-minute walk from the station. It's in a quiet residential area!

The office is located just behind Roppongi Midtown, it is convenient for lunch and commuting. Since there are many clients from overseas companies, we have an office in Roppongi, which has good access to each client. Roppongi is located in a quiet residential area, a little far from the bars and downtown areas (although it's just a short walk away ...) so that you can concentrate on your work. In the office, you can concentrate on your work and have good access, so you can enjoy your private time when you are off.

Global PointNot just English! French is also flying!

This is Patrick; the CEO of PECS. The trust between Patrick and employees are outstnding!

A total of 5 Japanese staff and non-Japanese staff are working at our company. All employees are bilingual. Of course, since the president is French, the atmosphere of the office and the way of thinking about work are global. In the company, not only English but also French and Japanese are spoken. We will help you find a residence for the business manager of a foreign-affiliated company or an office of a foreign-affiliated company. Therefore, there are many cases of customers and foreigners. The contract staff who are recruiting this time can respond in English at the time of contract so that even foreign customers can use our service with peace of mind and understanding firmly at the time of contract.

What We're Proud ofIt's a comfortable working environment! The source of good teamwork is ...

One of our pride is that the employee retention rate is good! It's not a big company. That is why each employee takes responsibility for his work. It's a company with perfect teamwork. Each person understands his or her duties and is willing to do it. There is no need for the manager to speak out, so employees are free to work. Of course, it's a free atmosphere where you can speak when you have a good idea. We put the customer first for our employees. However, although the owner (owner of the land or building) and the customer act as an intermediary, it is a prerequisite that the work is fair to both parties. The source of good teamwork is an annual employee trip! All the employees are doing their best so that they can travel abroad.

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