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Updated 2021-04-22
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[Full remote / development engineer (leader candidate)] Internet dictionary / online English conversation education venture
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Chengfu Corporation
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
Chengfu Corporation
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Project Manager
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Business Application SE
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE
Industry Telecommunications/Information Services
Location Asia Japan

Job Description [Attractive point]
・ Full remote work
・ Those who wish to be a playing manager
・ Online dictionary, online English conversation One of the largest in Japan
・ Japanese: N1 or above

[Business description]
The company is developing a media business and an application business centered on the "online dictionary service."
The company's online dictionary service provides many services such as a comprehensive dictionary service, a thesaurus, and English-Japanese / Japanese-English dictionaries.
The monthly PV number of online dictionary services is 240 million, and the number of monthly unique users is 55 million (2019 results), which is one of the largest in Japan.

[Business details]
You will be in charge of the team leader in the development of the company's "online comprehensive dictionary service".
As the team organizer, you will be responsible for both development and team building and will be responsible for growing the product.

[Specific business content]
・ Development of processing of display parts such as UI
・ Development of internal content update process
・ Development of a simple crawler
・ Development of in-house IT system and infrastructure
· Performance tuning, code review and refactoring, design and development of deployment-related tools

The company does not have a clear division of roles in technology, and development members are responsible for both front-end and back-end, so leaders also need to have a certain level of knowledge about both technologies.
The company works every day to accomplish its mission of "expanding people's choices through the Internet."
We welcome leaders who can strongly disseminate the company's philosophy, including this mission.
The movement required of leaders is to accelerate the growth of products together with members and to solve problems that only leaders can develop by developing themselves.
Since it requires both technical and management elements, it is difficult, but there are many opportunities to challenge both business and technology.

[Technical content]
-Language: Java / Node.js / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / TypeScript / Swift / Kotlin / Python / PHP / Perl
・ FW: Spring Boot / Apache Struts / Express.js / React / Vue.js
・ DB: MySQL / PostgreSQL
・ Service: AWS / Docker / Github / Firebase / SkyWay / webpack / Babel

[Recruitment background]
The company has an engineer organization for each business, but the English conversation business has a leader, but the dictionary business does not have a dedicated leader (a market leader also serves), so we are looking for personnel.

[Career path]
■ Involved in both new business launch and legacy system improvement
We are at a turning point and are preparing to launch a new pillar business. In order to start a business, new development is necessary, and we are looking for someone who can take charge of that development. On the other hand, since the "online dictionary service" has been in operation for a long time, it is necessary to change the legacy part. A company that can participate in both new business development and in-house service operation.

■ Wide range of technologies involved
We discuss and decide on technologies / external services, design methods and development flows used by the entire team. Instead of directing from the top down, we develop using the most rational method agreed upon by the whole team, so we can change the team by moving on our own. I don't have a front end or a back end, so I have to study both, but I can work on both.
Company Info Online dictionary business
Online English conversation business
Study abroad support business

Main products and services
We provide many services such as a thesaurus and English-Japanese / Japanese-English dictionaries, including a comprehensive dictionary service.
The number of monthly PVs of the online dictionary service is 240 million, and the number of monthly unique users is 55 million (2019 results), which is one of the largest in Japan!

"Become a great company that maximizes the potential of individuals and organizations and contributes to human learning and growth."

"Expanding people's choices through the Internet"
Working Hours Flextime system (core time 10: 00-16: 00)
・ 4 years or more of development experience using any of the following
Java / Node.js / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / TypeScript / Swift / Kotlin / Python / PHP / Perl
(There is no problem even if you are from a contract production such as SIer)
・ Those who can write source code considering efficiency and readability
・ N1 Japanese ability

[Welcome conditions]
1. Web service development experience
2. Experience in developing modern front ends such as Ajax and SPA
3. Code review experience
4. Refactoring experience
5. Basic computer science knowledge
6. Experience in using databases, web servers, etc.
7. Experience in upstream processes such as requirements definition and design
8. Experience using CI / CD

[Human resources required]
・ Those who can act voluntarily
・ Those who are self-learning outside of work and keep moving their hands
・ Those who can think of the team first
・ Those who can take the initiative in making proposals
・ Those who are motivated to grow
Japanese Level Native Level
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 5000K - JPY 7000K   
Other Salary
・ Salary increase: Evaluation twice a year (June and December are evaluation months)
・ Commuting transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen per month)

Fully equipped with various types of insurance Company insurance (employment, industrial accidents, welfare pension, health insurance), defined contribution pension, qualification acquisition support, various subsidies for participating health insurance associations, overseas assignment allowance (hardship allowance, accompanying family allowance, absence home allowance, housing allowance)
Holidays [Number of annual holidays: 124 days] (FY2018 results)
・ Complete weekly two-day system, public holidays
・ Summer vacation 3 days (available between June and September)
Job Contract
・ Full-time employee trial period available (3 months)
Nearest Station Remote work in principle (work can be done from anywhere in the country)
Tokyo Office / Minato-ku, Tokyo

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[Full remote / development engineer (leader candidate)] Internet dictionary / online English conversation education venture