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Updated 2021-04-13
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[Nursery-kindergarten to the introduction of the nationwide 2000! ] Responsible for the improvement of family experience in the IT force, front-end engineers Wanted!

  • ★★★ Senior Level
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iHOLON Co.,Ltd
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Job Type
iHOLON Co.,Ltd
IT (Other) - Other
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE
Industry IT - Other
Location Asia Japan Tokyo

Job Description We will leave the front end of the Tech lead involved in new product development related to their development kindergarten and nursery schools for photo sales system.

<About our product>
Our photo sales system is, after the release of 2014, in the center of the nursery school, will be in the photograph sales system has gotten introduced to about 2,000 of the garden from Hokkaido to Okinawa Prefecture. This time, due to business expansion, which the photo area that has been treated to have embarked on new service development was Tsu deep, in order to perform the development with a sense of speed in conjunction with the existing of our services, members receive newly your participation we are looking for a.

Kindergartens and nursery industry has not progressed IT utilization, there is a lot room for improvement by IT ? Web service. However, since that is also the industry IT literacy is not high, products with an emphasis on more UX is required. In addition to the kindergarten teachers and child care workers, because the parents also become the service user, while considering the balance between the two, for products to become a Win-Win both is required, but I think the degree of difficulty is high project , there is a chance that can significantly change the entire minute industry, we believe that it is business that can feel rewarding.

<It is determined after your joining>
In the team up to now, because the part you are using a front-end framework (Vue.js) have developed was a part, also server-side engineers to front-end development was responsible at the same time.
Therefore, while they also exist complicated legacy code in Vue.js and jQuery, in the new products currently in development, it is a situation that leave the front area that had no full-time until now to the outside of the front engineers.
The position that you want to leave this time, we want to totally leave the development of the front end of the service.

Currently, we are developing in the three scrum team, in the main in the new product team in it, we will be engaged in the development of new products.
In the future, not only that, replace the screen that is implemented in jQuery to Vue.js, such as UI maintenance using, such as storybook, so-called horizontal axis specific business also will be carried out over a wide range, and yet lead it I would want you to.

Basically, the front-end to the main we would like you to proceed with development while aware of the UI / UX, but some may have you touched server-side surface.
For example, the development of C I C D in the front (code build and circleCI) or, you may be asked to perform, such as also actively implementation of A P I in the functional development.

For this reason, until now while working as a full stack engineers, who the front-end was come of experience in the main, especially your force is easy to environment exhibited.
Taking advantage of experience, I look forward to the participation of the person who can lead the front end.

[Development environment / use technology]
? CSS3
? JQuery
? JavaScript (Node.js / Vue.js)
? UI framework (ElementUI, KeenUI)
? PHP7 (Laravel5.5,6.0)
? AWS (Rekognition, Lambda, S3, CloudFront, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, ...)
? Vagrant
? Docker
? Pivotal Tracker

[Development methods]
- Scrum development

[How to proceed with development]
<Efforts for code quality improvement>
The code that is deployed to production, we carry out all code reviews or pair programming. And in compliance with some coding convention as a whole team, by using the code quality assessment tool, members have always to be able to confirm.

<Agile practice situation>
Has been practicing iteration development in one month following a short period of time, we are meeting in the team that conform stand-up meeting or in it, in the Daily.

<Open information sharing>
All of the documents and data required for the development, anyone members in charge of the implementation, we have to state that can be viewed freely without the need for superiors other permission.
Using chat tools and dedicated information sharing tools, we know-how and proceedings, information sharing, such as a daily report.
Company Info In order to achieve the company's philosophy and vision, as a statement of values ??we should have employees
There is a thing called the company's spirit.
It is values ??that serves as a reference of "how to think, how to act."

▼ The company's Spirit
? Do not tell a lie, not a bad thing
? Company home, employees are family
- exceed the expectations of the other party "hospitality"
- have a sense of ownership, work to convince
Venture has a spirit, developed a business utilizing the "power of people" by cloud workers who continue to grow in-house, we are more developed.
Through the utilization of new labor force that cloud worker (human resources), you have to create a service with a no value until now.
Working Hours 10:00 to 19:00 (prescribed working time of 8 hours, break 60 minutes)
High school graduation or more
Development experience in the team, including designer
? HTML5 / CSS3 / coding experience in JavaScript
And business matter without client-side MVC, development experience with MVVM framework
- not front-end only, development experience in server-side (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.)
And development experience with a modern front-end technology (Vue.js, React.js, such as Angular.js)
- "on the front-end development, I want to deliver a great UX" feelings and motivation that

[Person of foreign nationality]
Technology and Humanities knowledge and international business visa will be required.
At the resume or testimonials, please specify that the expiration date you have the visa.
English Level None
Japanese Level Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)
Chinese Level None
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 4500K - JPY 6500K   
Other Salary
Expected annual income: 4.2 million yen to 800 yen ※ previous job salary, experience and ability to take into account
Monthly salary (base salary): 250,000 yen to 48 yen

※ assumed annual income has been calculated on the assumption that overtime a month for 30 hours (is overtime pay 1 minute increments paid)

- raise once a year (April)
And bonuses twice a year (April, October)
Per └1 times basic salary per month is based. There are up and down by a performance evaluation

[Passive smoking prevention measures]
? Indoor principle non smoking (Smoking room)
Holidays ? Complete a five-day workweek (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
? GW vacation, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays ※ 2019 fiscal year holiday 130 days
- paid leave system (Allowed time credits until year 40 hours)
And other holiday vacation
Parental leave (Negotiable up to 3 years), child care shorter working hours system (optionally up to third grade), (is on hiatus, which can be used at the time of the child events and illness. Unpaid for 10 days / year) children leave, family care leave, congratulations and condolences vacation, (is a system that can be used for, such as missing a paid vacation had child care, nursing care, and medical care.) stock vacation 130 days
Job Contract
Regular employee
Nearest Station Toei Oedo Line "kachidoki station" A3 exit

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iHOLON Co.,Ltd

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[Nursery-kindergarten to the introduction of the nationwide 2000! ] Responsible for the improvement of family experience in the IT force, front-end engineers Wanted!