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Updated 2020-12-28
Activated 2020-12-16
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【Global Environment with English Using】 Infra engineers for UX Consulting Company
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  • ★★★ Senior Level
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RGF Talent Solutions Japan K.K. (RGF Professional Recruitment Japan)
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Job Type
RGF Talent Solutions Japan K.K. (RGF Professional Recruitment Japan)
IT (Hardware/Network) - Server Architect and Developer
IT (Hardware/Network) - Network Engineer
IT (Hardware/Network) - Server and Machine Operation and Maintenance
Industry Consulting - Other
Location Asia Japan

Job Description The details of "USERGRAM", which will be used this time, are for PCs, smartphones, and users.
From detailed actions, it is possible to grasp the user's operation up to the latent level, and to grasp the marketing measures and business.
It is a software that can be used for the construction of the process. Individual optimization is done, but overall optimization is done.
As a result, the service that is becoming difficult to use for the user is being used.
The development of a strong idea that I want to change to a new service has begun.
It is easy for people who are not accustomed to user analysis to use it. Intuitive UI / UX makes it possible to introduce the company.
With over 130 companies and USERGRAM, the number of user accessions has risen to nearly 1 billion in the month.
Su. Currently, the number of introductions is steadily increasing, and we are expecting an increase in the future.
In addition, from now on, each company will maintain it, not just access data to websites and apps.
By taking in the data, the information about each user will be clarified, and the company will respond to the user.
Therefore, we are aiming to create a state in which we can sympathize with each other.
A scalable log collection system that can withstand the increase in traffic as it enters the world.
It will be essential to strengthen the system, supervise tools, and build a development test environment.
For the infra-engineers who are collecting this time, they are mainly engaged in the following operations.
● Building and maintaining the environment in the cloud using AWS and Alibaba cloud
● Log board preparation using Logstash, Elasticsearch, etc.
● Environment of system supervision using Kibana, Grafana, Zabbix, etc.
● Operation of distribution stream processing of large-scale model data using Kafka and Spark
● Docker-based system environment construction using k8s and ECS
● Construction of test and development environment using CI tools such as Jenkins
● Construction of a tentative environment using KVM on the physical server
In addition, we will develop services in China, Taiwan, and the United States, and promote the expansion of our business. That
Therefore, in general, he is also involved in the following business.
● Infra-design and construction tailored to the conditions of each offshore base
Why don't you try to liven up as an in-flight engineer who creates the unprecedented of Beebit from the system base?

◆ Current usage stick 202009 time point
● Service ︓ Django, Java
● Front End ︓ Vue.js, TypeScript
● Database ︓ Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), Redis (ElastiCache), Presto (Athena),
● Other Middle Ways ︓ RabbitMQ, Kafka, AWS Glue, AWS Batch, AWS Lambda
● Cloud ︓ AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes (EKS), Terraform
● Lipogittry Management ︓ Github
● CI / CD / Automatic test ︓ CircleCI, GitHub Actions, ArgoCD
● Server supervision / error supervision ︓ DataDog, Kibana, Grafana, Zabbix, Munin, CloudWatch,
PagerDuty, Sentry, Full Story
● Communication ︓ Slack, Zoom
● Project Management / Documentation ︓ JIRA, esa, Confluence, Google Drive
Company Info ◆ The fascination of work
① Overwhelming growth
● USERGRAM boasts hundreds of millions of traffic. An environment where a great deal of discretion is given
Below, the construction of the inflator that provides a large model traffic service is filled as an engineer.
You will be able to get a real feeling, and you will be able to grow overwhelmingly.
② Opening of own company
● We are doing it ourselves from the plan to the development. Service plans and guidance to meet new requirements
In addition, it is possible to reflect your own ideas regarding the operation.
(3) Development system in which the founder is the main body
● To create a product with a truly valuable value under the environment where the necessary functions continue to change.
At our company, we are leading the development of agile. The print will be a single unit for 2 weeks, and you will be responsible for it.
As for the part that we want to apply, all the developers have become a system that can be developed with the main body.
I'm sorry.
④ Review system
● In terms of development, we will maintain a review system based on the request. Other people
It is not only to prevent bugs from being generated by the view, but also to prevent the bugs from being generated.
It is also possible to open the door.
⑤ Remote work and co-time
● A remote worker is allowed for the developer who is responsible for the task and can finish it for a limited period of time.
Noh. When you come to work, a co-time is set up to avoid the rush time zone.
So, I was commuting without stress.
Working Hours 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
There is a core time
◆ Essential Skill
● Visualization of log collection tools and metrics Practical experience of tools
● Knowledge and operation experience related to distribution processing and flat scale
● Software management experience using Docker
◆ Welcome skil
● Large model log collection system structure construction test
● Introduction and management of metrics
● Dispersive stream processing
● Operational experience such as ECS and k8s
● Transition from the on-premise environment to the cloud
● English language
English Level Daily Conversation Level (TOEIC 475-730)
Japanese Level Daily Conversation Level
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 8000K - JPY 12000K   
Other Salary
Social Insurance
Commuting/Transportation Allowance
Relaxation Facilities
In-House Loan System
Worker's Property Accumulation Savings
Education Training
Employee Stock Purchase System

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RGF Talent Solutions Japan K.K. (RGF Professional Recruitment Japan)

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【Global Environment with English Using】 Infra engineers for UX Consulting Company