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Updated 2020-05-29
Activated 2020-05-18

Actively hiring foreigners! C, C #, java [Experienced person] IT engineer recruitment
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  • ★★ Staff Level
This posting is managed by:
XROSS HOUSE Corporation
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
XROSS HOUSE Corporation
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Business Application SE
IT (Mainframe) - Application SE
IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Software Architecture
Industry Software (Consignment Development)
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Shinjuku
Asia Japan Kanagawa
Asia Japan Saitama
Job Description [Work content / IT engineer]
~ Development of WEB / Smartphone App / Realization of Ideal Career ~

■ Duties:
Your client will provide technical support.
<Working client / example>
・ Large financial system
・ A major e-commerce site company
・ Large IT service company
・ Affiliate operating company
・ Major WEB business company
・ Major SIer
・ Major contractors
・ A major game company
・ Large foreign companies
・ Large logistics company
・ A major amusement equipment company
* Many sites can work directly with the end user.
* Basically, it is planned to work at the site where TT members and staff are working.
* Some companies employ 5 to 8 people per company.

<Project / Example>
・ Transition development of next-generation card payment system (from PHP to Java)
⇒Java, MySQL, Linux / Basic / Detailed Design-Implementation-Testing
・ Development of gourmet word-of-mouth website
⇒Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux / Detailed design-operation
・ Curation media development
⇒Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Linux, MacOS / Detailed Design-Implementation-Test-Operation
・ App development for iOS and Android
⇒Objective-C, Java, Oracle, iOS, Android / Detailed Design-Implementation-Testing
・ Developed iOS drone operation application
⇒Objective-C, Swift, MySQL, iOS / Detailed Design-Implementation-Testing
・ Web system development
⇒PHP, JavaScript, Mac, docker, git / Detailed design-implementation-evaluation
・ Development of major telecom carrier portal site (Migration from on-premises environment to AWS)
⇒PHP, MySQL, Linux / Basic / Detailed Design-Implementation
・ In-house IoT service system development
⇒Linux, Windows, PHP, C #, Java, Ruby, MySQL, SQLServer, Azure / Basic / Detailed Design-Implementation-Test
Company Info [Attraction of work]

■ Features / Charm:
Based on dealings with customers in a wide range of industries, you will be able to acquire skills at your assigned company according to your desired career.
System development engineers work in a wide range of fields, from upstream processes such as requirement definition, basic design, and detailed design, to downstream processes such as programming, testing, delivery, maintenance, and operation.
As you climb the stairs one by one, you will share your information with your boss and sales staff, and change your career or improve your career.
You're not alone, let's aim for height together!

[Passive smoking prevention measures]
No smoking
Working Hours 9: 00-18: 00 (actual work 8 hours / break 1 hour)
* Depends on the assignment.
■ Required conditions:
● Person who has development experience (work experience)
<Experience language example>
・ Java
・ Objective-C
・ Perl
・ Visual Basic .NET
・ C #
* Development languages other than the above are also welcome!
* Development field does not matter!

● Japanese level N2 or higher
Japanese Level Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3500K - JPY 10000K   
(Monthly Salary Range: JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 291.667K - JPY 833.333K *Divided into12month )
Other Salary
Estimated annual income: 3.55 million yen to 10 million yen
◆ General job
253,000 yen / month
* Determined according to our regulations, taking into account experience and age.
* Basic salary (fixed) + performance salary (fluctuating system) + overtime pay.

◆ Company
Monthly wage 272,000 yen-417,000 yen
* Determined according to our regulations, taking into account experience and age.
* Monthly salary includes fixed overtime pay (equivalent to 20 hours).
* Overtime overtime is paid separately in 5-minute increments.

◆ Raise salary (once a year)
◆ Bonus (twice a year)
◆ Transportation expenses paid in full
◆ Overtime allowance (100% payment)
◆ Business trip allowance

◆ Various social insurance
◆ Employee holding system
◆ Property savings system
◆ Learning support system (300,000 yen / person)
◆ E-learning training (about 70 courses)
◆ Group-type business training (129 courses)
◆ Regular health check
◆ General welfare group term insurance system
◆ Marriage and childbirth congratulation system
◆ Sickness / Disaster / Disaster Visit Fee System
◆ Short working hours for childcare
◆ Leisure special treatment
◆ Life special treatment (car purchase, house purchase / remodeling, home appliance purchase, moving, moving, etc.)
◆ Club activity and club activity support system
◆ I ・ U turn system (regulated) ※ Moving cost (up to 100,000 yen) / Moving allowance (100,000 yen paid)
Holidays ◆ Complete two-day work week (Saturday and Sunday)
◆ Holiday
◆ Summer vacation (3 days)
◆ GW vacation
◆ New Year holidays (5 days)
◆ Congratulations
◆ Childcare leave * Some men have taken leave
◆ Nursing care leave
◆ Annual paid leave (granted from the date of entry / depends on the month of entry)
Job Contract
Full-time employee permanent employment
* Trial period is 3 months (no change in conditions)
* During the training period, there is no “performance pay”

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XROSS HOUSE Corporation

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Actively hiring foreigners! C, C #, java [Experienced person] IT engineer recruitment