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Updated 2019-10-31
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Server-side engineer (Python) | Marketing-tech | Conversational Japanese OK!
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Job Type
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Business Application SE
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE
IT (Mainframe) - Application SE
Industry Telecommunications/Information Services
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Chiyoda

Job Description [Recommended points for recruitment]
Development that reflects user feedback
* You can directly receive feedback on the functions developed regularly at the Customer Development Conference.
Recently, there is a voice that the new function that has been implemented has been able to reduce the work time of 10 hours, you can work on the development while confirming who has contributed in what form.
Many members are playful
There are many members who enjoy their life as well as technology.
Therefore, there is a lot of communication between members and the atmosphere is open.
Can engage in product development that revolutionizes the marketing industry

【Job Description】
You will be responsible for developing new functions to improve user convenience and work efficiency, as well as improving the XICA magellan system and internal structure.

◇ UX improvement
・ Allow users to create and evaluate high-quality analytical models without stress
◇ Output of analysis results
・ In order to explain the advertising effectiveness and propose an optimal advertising budget, the analysis results are output in a form that is easy for the user to process.
◇ Asynchronous backend processing
・ Asynchronize time-consuming processes such as data replication and optimization processing to distribute the load
◇ Other
・ User feedback issues and new product development

[Development method]
Until now, we have been developing customer-oriented products based on lean startups and based on ticket-driven “Kanban development”, but since products have been produced to some extent, the speed of PDCA will increase in the future. We will move on to the 1-week scram development system that we have prioritized.
Basically, the product design department / product development department team discusses development roadmaps and priorities that determine the direction of the product, and proceeds with development. High-skilled engineers and designers share the same goals / values, aiming to solve various problems of users and services while all members share their opinions.

【Development environment】
◆ Front end
・ Development language: ES2015 +, TypeScript
・ Library / Framework: Vue.js, Vue Router, Vuex, Element, ChartJS
◆ Backend
・ Development language: Python
・ Library / Framework: Django, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Celery
◆ Database: MySQL
OS: Linux (Debian)
◆ Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, DynamoDB)
◆ Source code management: GitHub
◆ CI: CircleCI
◆ Task management: Asana
Development environment: Docker

[Introducing part of engineer culture]
<Technology Project>
The development team has a technical project that deals with technical issues apart from the development of new functions.
In technical projects, engineers conduct surveys and prototyping for technical issues, including technical selection. Actually, API prototypes for linking with external services and surveys of notifications using WebSocket to improve UX were conducted.

<Approach to product technical debt>
All engineers regularly identify a product's technical issues, examine countermeasures, make prototypes, and evaluate them regularly. Migrating from MongoDB to MySQL, re-creating API server with JavaScript, re-designing message queue, etc. By actually making prototype from 0 for about 2 months, deep understanding of business domain and existing code, new technology and architecture design I was able to gain a lot of knowledge.

<Engineering activities>
The development team members are good friends, and other members are often supported and pair-programmed. In addition to detailed explanations on product implementation, study sessions hosted by engineer members are also held on the themes of functional programming and REST API design.

<Team that respects diversity>
The team has members of various nationalities such as Indonesia, Romania / USA, Korea and Japan.
There are many friendly people, and they enjoy having lunch with other departments, studying Japanese, and playing games together. The conversation is mainly in Japanese, but chat and code reviews are often in English. Of course, there are many members who enjoy their life as well as technology. Therefore, there is a lot of communication between members and the atmosphere is open.
Working Hours From 10:00 to 19:00 (flex system, core time: From 10:00 to 15:00)
[Required requirements]
・ N3 advanced class
・ Web application development experience more than 2 years (Python top priority)
* Python is the back-end development language, but if you have been involved in another language such as Ruby or PHP for about 5 years, your experience with Python is unquestionable.

[Welcome requirements]
・ Experience using Node.js
・ REST API development experience
・ Experience using various cloud services such as AWS and GCP
・ Experience using container technology
Japanese Level Daily Conversation Level
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 4000K - JPY 8000K   
Other Salary
Annual salary system (12 divisions are paid monthly)
Holidays Full week off, two days (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Paid leave (10 days in the first year) Summer vacation: 4 days Year-end and New Year holidays: December 28 to January 4 Gyeongsang vacation Maternity leave Childcare leave Nursing leave
Job Contract
Full-time employee (Trial period 3 months)

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Server-side engineer (Python) | Marketing-tech | Conversational Japanese OK!