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Chinese enthusiasts [Chinese ants ♪] Even inexperienced OK! Education system Ali ◎ Apparel shop staff recruitment!
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  • ★ Entry Level
  • Women Welcome
  • No transfer
  • No Experience Required
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XROSS HOUSE Corporation
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
XROSS HOUSE Corporation
Logistics/Retail/Consumer/Fashion - Shop Sales/Advisor
Education/Training/Language Specialist - Interpreter
Hospitality Business Specialists - Buyer/Inventory Management
Industry Fashion/Apparel/Accessory
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Chuo

Job Description [Details of work]
At the apparel shop, the concept of “beautiful”, “intellectual”, and “cool” for adult women will be involved in services such as proposal-type customer service, inventory management, and budget management.

In addition, you will be responsible for a wide range of tasks such as staff education, layout, and display changes.

While many apparel companies collect displays and store layouts at the headquarters, we leave the “plus α” mechanism to shop staff.
All staff members have the opportunity to learn not only selling but also store management!

・ Service / sales
・ Change display layout
・ Inventory management / budget management
・ Staff education and others

[Our career skills]
Promotion to a store manager is possible within 2 to 3 years of joining the company. After that, there are a wide range of ways such as a shop director who organizes multiple stores and a press that thinks about how to launch a brand.

[Application Background]
Along with the increase in the number of new store openings, “10 people or more” are actively employed!

Has developed a variety of brands, and has gained great support, especially among women in their 20s and 30s.

Results are also strong, from 15.1 billion yen to 15.5 billion yen to 16.5 billion yen. We are actively opening new stores. As the number of stores has increased, we have decided to recruit large numbers of shop staff.

★ More than 80% start inexperienced
Senior employees have various jobs such as restaurants, beauty, customer service at hotels, real estate, insurance sales.
Members who were new to working with customers, such as office work, are now active as professionals.

The secret is the educational system. You can learn about apparel know-how through manuals to learn the characteristics of products and materials and role-playing training at stores.
We also provide customer service training, sub-staff training, and store manager training in line with career advancement. Career formation is possible even from inexperience.

[Career steps]
In order for staff, store managers, and area shop directors to grow into indispensable human resources in each position, we will provide guidance tailored to each person's individuality and ability.

In addition, since the brand is being developed in “vertical” rather than “horizontal” for young and career customers, customers can use the Aia brand for years.
Company Info ☆ Business description
■ Apparel business: Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and sales of women's clothing and women's clothing accessories
■ Media Business: Web / Mobile Content Planning and Management / Puzzle Magazine Publishing

~~~~ Point ~~~~
The percentage of regular employees at each store is 90% or more.
So the shift is stable and it is easy to take consecutive holidays.
A half-month shift will be confirmed for the next month.

The work consists of 3 to 6 staff, mainly full-time employees, and will be shared.
Store layouts and displays are created by on-site staff.
The headquarters will give you the outline, but the display is changed based on the judgment of the site, taking into account the weather, temperature, and sales at other stores.
Please do it with your senior staff at first, and if you get used to it, please come up with an idea.

[Ease of working]
(1) Housing allowance payment
We provide “housing allowances” that are rare in the apparel industry.
Because our company fully backs up each person's independence, there is an environment where you can work with peace of mind with full private.

(2) All staff members participate in the exhibition four times a year
In our company, all the staff working in the Tokyo area stores participate in the exhibition four times a year.
Many companies do not participate unless they are in the store manager class, but at our company, which emphasizes real stores, we believe that sales staff are in touch with new things and deepen product knowledge is essential for customer satisfaction. Because it is.

(3) 100% maternity leave
The rate of maternity leave for female staff is 100% at both the head office and shops. After thoroughly listening to the situation of the staff, we work in a work style that takes into consideration the work-life balance of work and home.

(4) Female managers 42%
Since it is a flat evaluation system, more than 40% of female managers are building various careers. The overall gender ratio is 1: 4 (head office ratio is 1: 1), and many female employees are enrolled. Regardless of gender, age, nationality, etc., it is an environment where you can aim for your own step-up depending on your motivation and ability.

(5) Corporate culture
Because it is an open and flat organization, it is an environment where opinions can be easily transmitted regardless of company history. For example, you can use the “daily report system” that reports ideas and opinions to convey your thoughts to the president. In addition, since the company has consistently done from planning to sales, the voice of the salesperson can be reflected in the planning.
Working Hours Shift system between 9: 30-21: 00
(8 hours actual work / 1 hour break)
* Working hours vary depending on the store.

[Shift example]
Early ⇒ 9: 30-19: 00 (break 90 minutes)
Middle number ⇒ 11: 00-20: 30 (break 90 minutes)
Late ⇒ 12: 00-21: 00 (break 90 minutes)
◎ Inexperienced welcome
◎ Foreign nationality welcome

・ Person who can speak Chinese at business level
・ Person who can speak Japanese at N1 level

[Welcome experience]
・ Sales staff experience at apparel shop
・ Those who like fashion
・ Those who want to work with people
・ Those who want to learn fashion business
・ Those who want to improve their career in the apparel industry
English Level None
Japanese Level Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)
Chinese Level Business Conversation Level
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 2500K - JPY 3500K   
(Monthly Salary Range: JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 208.333K - JPY 291.667K *Divided into12month )
Other Salary
◎ More than ¥ 210,000 per month
* The above amount includes a flat allowance (housing / clothing allowance).
* If it is judged as a store manager candidate, the monthly salary will be 250,000 yen or more.
* Determined based on ability and experience.

・ Annual pay increase (April)
・ Bonus twice a year (June / December)
・ Transportation expenses (up to 20,000 yen per month)
・ Position allowance
・ Qualification allowance

<Directly connected to the head office! Your hard work is reflected in the salary increase and bonus! >
If the effort is recognized, it will be added to the evaluation and reflected in the salary increase and bonus. This is why Aia boasts the highest annual income in the industry.

<Annual income>
Annual income 5.2 million / Manager / 8 years since joining the company (30 years old)
Salary 4.3 million / store manager / 4th year since joining the company (25 years old)
Annual income 3.5 million / Staff / 2nd year (24 years old)

The trial period (3 months) will be “¥ 192,000 or more per month”.

◎ Provision of employment payment (after trial period)
◎ Equipped with various social insurance
◎ Property savings system
◎ Shop independence support
◎ Employee discount (Products can be purchased at a 50% OFF price)
◎ Uniform supply system
⇒A uniform is provided as a uniform for each exhibition held four times a year! *

★ Check the trend quickly in overseas training!
Staff selected as one-year-high performers have a chance to participate in overseas training in Paris and Milan!
Holidays [Holiday] Closed on Monday 8th
(Shift system * Closed on February 7 only in February)

☆ Summer vacation
☆ Winter vacation
☆ Birth and childcare leave
☆ Paid leave
☆ Gyeongbok vacation
☆ Can take consecutive holidays for 5 days or more
☆ 100% maternity and childcare leave acquisition rate

★ You can get more than 5 consecutive holidays!
It is also possible to go on a trip by combining the usual holidays and summer / winter holidays.

★ 100% maternity leave and childcare leave acquisition rate!
The maternity / childcare leave rate is 100% at both the head office and shops. After listening to the situation of the staff, we are returning to work in a work style that takes into consideration work-life balance.
Job Contract
The trial period (3 months) will be “¥ 192,000 or more per month”.

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Chinese enthusiasts [Chinese ants ♪] Even inexperienced OK! Education system Ali ◎ Apparel shop staff recruitment!