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Updated 2022-11-25
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[Japanese/English|Contract employee] Localizer for the industry's largest game company
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This posting is managed by: レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.
Education/Training/Language Specialist - Localization
Education/Training/Language Specialist - Translator
Creative (Media Related) - Game Programming & Editing
Industry Games
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Shinjuku

Job Description [Job Summary]
You will be in charge of the "words" part of the work arranged for overseas. Rather than simply substituting words, it is necessary to have a creative sense of understanding the image of the work and characters, and to be able to create "living words" that match the culture and customs of each country.

[Business content details]
・Translation and localization of game text
・English translation supervision
・Translation of press releases and marketing materials (Japanese → English)
・Translation of internal documents (Japanese to English, English to Japanese)
・Meeting with the development team
・Interpretation at conference calls and events (Japanese→English, English→Japanese)
・Attendance of voice recording
the fun of this job
You can work with game creators to create scenarios and game content that match the target region.
Working Hours Discretionary labor system
*Deemed working hours per day is 8 hours
*According to our regulations, working styles different from the above may be applied.
・Native English speaker
・Writing ability in English
・Those who have no trouble communicating in Japanese at a business level (participating in meetings, e-mails, etc.)
・Experience using basic business applications (Word, Excel, etc.)

[Welcome conditions]
・Experience in game translation or translation of literary arts and videos
・Familiarity with Japanese subculture (games, anime, comics, light novels, etc.)
・Those who have a deep knowledge of the history and culture of our sales target regions (North America and other English-speaking countries)
・Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, C++, Visual Basic, etc.

《People we want》
1.In order to localize the work better, all project members must cooperate. Collaborative and flexible ability to work as part of a team is emphasized.
2.It is desirable to be good at time management and to be able to demonstrate the maximum performance in a limited time.
English Level Native Level
Japanese Level Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 6000K   
Other Salary
・Transportation expenses, social insurance, health insurance association resort, health checkup
We will inform you about the details of the above (working conditions) at the time of the interview.
・There is a possibility of being appointed as a regular employee
・No smoking indoors (there is a smoking room)

《Salary remarks》
・Estimate: 3 million to 6 million
・Negotiable: Considering experience and ability, we will give preferential treatment according to our regulations regardless of age
・After joining the company, we will take into account each time according to ability and achievements
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave (changes depending on the month of employment), congratulatory or condolence leave, etc.

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レバレジーズ株式会社/Leverages Co., Ltd.

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[Japanese/English|Contract employee] Localizer for the industry's largest game company