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Updated 2022-10-27
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Copy of [Tokyo] AI engineer ○ Japanese ability is not required ◯ Remote work ○ Python
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  • Recruiter
  • Staff Level
  • Bonus System
  • Flextime System
  • Remote Work
  • Less Than 20 Hours of Overtime
  • Five Days Workweek
  • Business Expansion
  • International Team
  • Language Skills
  • Urgent Hiring
  • Rapidly Growing
This posting is managed by: H&Kホールディングス株式会社
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
IT (Other) - Machine Learning/AI Engineer
IT (Hardware/Network) - Cloud Engineer
IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Chiyoda

Job Description AWS / GCP based system architecture
Build and improve UI / UX for web applications

[Project example]
◎ Examples of business optimization
In response to requests from logistics clients,
・ Calculate the optimal packing order of luggage with AI
・ Optimal structural design of the warehouse itself according to the land area
・ Proposal of efficient delivery route
We have built a WEB solution that makes full use of various technologies to solve such problems.

◎ Examples of satellite business
AI analysis of defense data and extraction of various analysis data.
・ Analysis of light drifts associated with seafloor eruptions in the Ogasawara Islands
・ Understanding trade trends from vessels moored at trading ports
・ Visualization of the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry

[Attractiveness of the same position]
Currently, some of the work is outsourced, and as a WEB engineer who is in charge of implementation, he is a starting member. There are plans to promote organization in the future, so depending on the actual performance, we can aim to build a career as a core member. In addition, the number of SI-related projects is on the rise, and it is possible to further expand the scope of our business.

【Development environment】
Development language: Python (JavaScript / TypeScript / React, etc.)
Framework: Flask
ML / DL: Pytorch
CI / CD: Github actions / Git pre-commit hooks
Cloud: AWS (EC2, S3, Lambda, Aurora, SQS, API Gateway, etc.)
Code: GitHub
Package: Poetry
Communication: Slack / meet
Document management tool: Sphinx
Project management: GitHub Projects
Company Info [Business description]
The company emphasizes creating new social impacts by appropriately utilizing cutting-edge technologies centered on deep learning / machine learning / statistical analysis in business and society.
Whether you are a large company or a small business, our clients are focused on projects that are worth working on in terms of the technological advancement of the issues and the business impact and social significance of solving them.
For those who want to propose machine learning / deep learning technology as a practically useful solution, those who want to research and implement the latest papers, those who want to balance research and practice, and those who can enjoy discussions between professionals of various genres. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

[About the company]
The company aims to "provide optimal solutions to solve the problems faced by companies by using advanced technology, especially deep learning and machine learning technology, and have a positive impact on society."
"I want to solve problems using AI technology, but how can I achieve it?" "How should I combine existing rule-based systems with deep learning technology?" "Which deep learning method and what kind of learning?" Is the data good? "
We comprehensively provide consulting, demonstration experiments, and solution development to companies with such problems, and have already achieved results in various areas.
In addition, in partnership with Microsoft and NVIDIA, we are also engaged in activities to correctly convey technology, such as managing a community of thousands of people as a secretary company of Deep Learning Lab and giving a lecture at GTC Japan as an NVIDIA Inception partner.
Although it is a venture that has been in business for 5 years, its achievements have been highly evaluated, and in April 2019, INCJ, Ricoh, Ebara Corporation, and Global Brain invested a total of 750 million yen. With a total investment of 780 million yen from the group, Global Brain, we are further accelerating business expansion and research activities.
Working Hours Discretionary labor system (8 hours per day)
◎ Working hours are free. You can work flexibly according to your personal lifestyle. (General Office Hour 9: 30-18: 30)
◎ The average monthly overtime is about 20 hours.
Mandatory requirements
・ Experience in developing web applications using Python
・ Cloud usage experience
・ Interest in social implementation of AI
* Development experience using ML / DL is not required.
Welcome requirements
・ Data analysis experience using Pandas etc.
・ Experience building machine learning models and infrastructure
・ Implementation and QA experience for quality improvement such as performance tuning

・ Those who can sympathize with Ridge-i's desire to "pursue the best balance between business and cutting-edge technology."
・ Those who can demonstrate leadership and teamwork in an environment with uncertainties and pressure
・ Those who want to coordinate with readability / availability and QA in mind
・ Those who want to develop as a team to improve the quality of source code
Japanese Level Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 6000K - JPY 10000K   
Other Salary
・ Annual income: 6-10 million yen
・ 45 hours of deemed overtime (including fixed overtime charges of 130,50 yen to 216,788 yen)
・ Additional overtime allowance for overtime work exceeding 45 hours
・ Wage form: Annual salary system
・ Salary revision: Once a year (July)
・ Bonus: Twice a year (January / July)

・ Complete social insurance (employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare pension)
・ Overtime allowance
・ Full payment of transportation expenses
・ Remote work implementation (in principle, work at the head office once a week)
・ Working in plain clothes is OK
・ It is possible to work side-by-side (with various conditions such as competitive NG)
・ Support for acquiring qualifications (the company bears the entire cost of purchasing books)
・ There is a support system for admission to master's and doctoral programs
・ There is a support system for thesis adopters (if the thesis is adopted by the top conference, the support fee that can be used for travel expenses will be paid).
・ Assistance for using a gym / massage shop near the office
・ Subscribe to the welfare service "Benefit Station"
・ Free drinks and snacks
・ Employment support for global human resources
・ External counseling service (English available)

<We will prepare a PC environment suitable for development>
The supplied PC can be selected from Windows and Macintosh according to your wishes. We will provide a high-spec machine for development and a 4K display.

<We will fully support learning>
Daily information gathering is indispensable for incorporating the latest technology. The company spares no investment for that. The company will fully support not only the book purchase cost but also various costs.
Holidays ・ Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday)
·New Year holiday
・ GW vacation
・ Paid leave * 10 days-depending on years of service
Job Contract
Employment of full-time employees * Trial period 6 months (Salary and treatment will not change during that period)
Nearest Station Marunouchi Line, Tozai Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line "Otemachi Station" Direct Inn
5 minutes walk from "Tokyo Station" on each line

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Copy of [Tokyo] AI engineer ○ Japanese ability is not required ◯ Remote work ○ Python