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Updated 2021-09-02
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[Multinational exchange / overseas business trip] Overseas Accounting Department staff (Japanese / English required)
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This posting is managed by: Chengfu Corporation
Company Name Company is not publicly visible
Job Type
Chengfu Corporation
Finance/Accounting - Accounting
Finance/Accounting - Accounting/Finance
Finance/Accounting - Internal control/Internal Audit/Risk Management
Industry Distribution/Retail
Location Asia Japan Tokyo Meguro

Job Description [Attractive point]
・ Experience cross-cultural exchange with 4 countries including Asia and the United States through work
・ Directly involved in the introduction of ERP overseas
・ Business trips are possible to meet with local teams at overseas bases
・ Those who are good at interacting with multinational people
・ You can make use of your experience of using English in business

[Business description]
As a staff member of the overseas accounting department, I will introduce an accounting system and manage bookkeeping agents.

[Specific work]
1. Support for introduction and improvement of accounting system, setting of account structure, creation of bookkeeping logic, proposal
2. Management of bookkeeping agents, business support for local accounting personnel, collection of financial data to Japan and checking of consistency
3. Local accounting standards in the country of entry, tax system investigation, support for building initial accounting and finance functions, advice
4. Understand the differences between international accounting standards, local accounting standards, and Japanese accounting standards, and consider adjusting differences for the preparation of disclosure materials.
5. Accounting audit progress management and support
* We will judge the suitability and leave it to you as we can.

[Challenging / attractive]
・ Through your work, you can experience cross-cultural exchange with four countries including Asia and the United States.
・ You can be directly involved in the introduction of ERP overseas.
・ Business trips are also possible to meet with the local team at overseas bases.
・ You can build work while always having a sense of problem, not accounting work as a routine.
・ You can work in areas close to the front line of management.

[Background of recruitment]
Recruitment frame: 2 people
As the scale of the company expands, the Overseas Accounting Department is looking for ready-to-work human resources.

[Career path]
After 3 months: Join the team for early settlement / ERP introduction.
One year later: You will be active as a member of overseas corporations.
After 3 years: If you wish, you may be stationed overseas.
Company Info Back office of companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which have continued to grow for 30 consecutive years, management planning and management of their group companies, contract management of subsidiaries, real estate management, etc.

Main products and services
Entrustment and service provision of general indirect operations (general affairs, accounting, finance, personnel affairs, logistics, information systems, risk management, websites, etc.)

・ In the medium-term management plan 2020, the pace of growth is so fast that the target figures for sales, number of stores, and ROE are all achieved one year ahead of schedule.
-In the medium-term management plan 2030, we have set out a policy of shifting from the growth strategy that has been premised on expansion to the structural reform of low cost and high profit.
Specifically, we will implement measures such as "revival of GMS business" and "promotion of digital strategy" aiming for domestic sales of 2 trillion yen.
Overseas, we will aim for sales of 1 trillion yen by targeting North America and Asia, and by “creating and ensuring new business formats that will be appreciated by people other than the Asian community centered on the Japanese brand”.

・ Behavior and results are evaluated by the corporate culture of delegation of authority and meritocracy.
・ You can have a speedy work experience.
・ A company that is focusing on overseas, aiming for overseas retail sales of 1 trillion yen by 2030.

Working Hours 9: 00-18: 00
〇 Potential adoption
・ Those who are not allergic to English and have a desire to learn (used for business) * Those who are comfortable with interacting with multinational people
・ 1 year or more of accounting / financial experience at a business company, or 1 year or more of work experience at an accounting office / tax accountant office * Company size does not matter
・ Person who has experience of promoting business by coordinating and negotiating both inside and outside the company

〇Recruitment of immediate force
・ Those who have experience in settlement work (those who understand and experience a series of settlement work in a year, 3 years or more is a guide) * Company size does not matter
・ Business-level English proficiency for those who used it for business

[Welcome conditions]
〇 Potential adoption
・ Experience in preparing financial statements
・ Experience in creating reporting packages
・ Business communication with overseas
・ Experience using ERP system

〇Recruitment of immediate force
・ ERP introduction experience (LS-NAV)
・ More than 3 years of accounting experience at a listed company
・ More than 3 years of accounting experience in subsidiary accounting
・ Experienced consolidated financial statements at listed companies (understand the underlying logic)
・ Experienced retailers

English Level Fluent (TOEIC 865-)
Japanese Level Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)
Salary JPY - Japanese Yen JPY 3000K - JPY 7000K   
Other Salary
Salary revision: Twice a year (January / July), Bonus: Twice a year (July / December), Commuting transportation expenses (paid up to 30,000 yen)

Birth of complete social insurance (employment, labor accidents, health, welfare pension), life partner system (same-sex partnership of local government, same welfare as legal marriage), life partner (spousal, relative, same-sex partner) Thinking about the day's souvenir gift system, employee stockholding association (with incentives), property accumulation savings system (with interest compensation), wedding gifts, childbirth gifts, condolence money, prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, and women's working styles Establishment of "cocoro project", group insurance premium discount by affiliated insurance company, defined contribution pension system, facilities related to Tokyo Business Health Insurance Association, external training system, employee benefits (correspondence education: U-can, English conversation: GABA, travel: HIS (And many others), midnight work allowance, holiday work allowance, overtime allowance (30 hours is included in the salary in advance as deemed overtime allowance. Excess is paid separately)

Holidays [Number of annual holidays: 120 days] (Period: January 1st to December 31st, 2020)
Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays, paid leave, condolence leave, half-holiday system, prenatal and postnatal leave / childcare leave (acquired)
Job Contract
Full-time employee with trial period (3 months)
Nearest Station Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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Chengfu Corporation

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[Multinational exchange / overseas business trip] Overseas Accounting Department staff (Japanese / English required)