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Company Information

Company Name XROSS HOUSE Corporation
Country of Company HQ Japan
Location of Company Japan
Company Intro
[Will] (our thoughts)
Leave a better environment for next-generation children
This is the desire that we live in this world and achieve in the life. Then, this aspiration is passed on to the next generation, and the baton is passed on to the next generation. The future will be brighter as people of each generation want to leave a good environment for the next generation.

At the root of our company is the desire to help society through business.

If there are many people who wish to make the future a better environment, the ideal future will surely come.

Believing that, we will continue today.

[Goal] (our goal)
100-year company
In order to achieve our ambition, it is a major premise to pass down the intention of the company, that is, to create a company that can be left for the next generation, and it is all the axis.

We do not run a temporary company due to a boom or fashion. Our goal is to continue to be a company that is rooted in the ground and remains a company needed by stakeholders such as customers, property owners, shareholders and employees, and to run the company forever. At first glance, this seems achievable and a simple vision, but the reality is not. After 10 years, 95% of companies will go bankrupt or dissolve. After 30 years, only 2 out of 10,000 companies survive.

To that extent, management is harsh. This cannot be established only by the business model and service contents. More important than that is bloody management. It is essential for the management and staff to remain serious, and the company will not survive without people. We will create a company that puts emphasis on "human resources" with the goal of permanent management.

[Philosophy] (Our thought)
mutual affection
As an important element to create a company that can be passed on to the next generation, we have set up "Soshisoai". The management of a company is greatly influenced by human resources. To love and to be loved by the other person. The same is true for companies. A company cannot exist unless it is loved by stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees and business partners.

First, make an effort to be loved and loved. Accept everyone.

The company's business model, branding, working conditions, environment, etc. are accepted by stakeholders.

Customers choose us just like the matchmaker. Shareholders choose the future. Employees choose from a number of companies.

Beloved company = Selected company

If mutual love can be realized, people with similar aspirations will gather and the company will expand in scale. This will increase the social need and will be the cornerstone of creating a company that can survive in the next generation.

[Mission] (Our role)
Cross the world.
We aim to be a 100-year company that can be left over to the next generation. Therefore, not only aspirations and philosophies but also business models are important.

Moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo. Moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido. Moved from Osaka to New York. We shape new services that make it easy to move around the world. Even if it is a sudden move, if the place is decided, I will move to a new house the next day. You can make a move reservation from one year ago even if you plan to go one year later. Currently, “renting a room” is a high threshold for foreigners. However, if you use this service, it will be possible for foreigners to move smoothly even when they come to Japan. Create new forms of home without being bound by conventional stereotypes. That is, "cross the world." This is our mission.
Industry Employment Agency
Location 151-0053
Grand Foret B1, 3-57-6 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
President 鳥井 淳史
Year of Establishment 2007年12月14日
Capital 10,000,000円
Listed on N/A
Number of Employees 45
Description of Business <Human resources consulting business>
In the paid employment placement business, we provide global placement services.
In addition, we are pursuing each field with a view to expanding our staffing, personnel consulting, and HR content businesses.

<Share house business>
We operate 300 properties in Tokyo, and we can provide consistent support from property remodeling to management and attracting customers. We also sell high-yielding renovated properties.

<Real estate brokerage business>
We rent and sell real estate. We handle everything from brokerage properties to properties managed in-house, and we can make proposals according to the owner's request.

<Corporate company housing business>
We provide company housing for corporations. We offer plans according to corporations such as share house type company housing, furnished apartment, rental of 1 building.

<Technical trainee housing support business>
We have started to provide company housing for caregivers who are foreign technical interns. Not only the property but also a multilingual customer center is set up to meet the needs of corporations and residents.
Work Location
(Nearest Station)
8 minutes walk from Yoyogi Station on the JR / Oedo Line
4-minute walk from "Sangubashi Station" on the Odakyu Line
License Number 13-ユ-310636
URL http://x-job.jp/
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XROSS HOUSE Corporation

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