Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions below.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Before using our service

Q. I woud like to know more information such as language, and the type of industry the users are currently in.

On each service page, we post statistical information of the job seekers.
If looking for more specific details, please fill out the contact form.

Q. We would like to know more about the service

Please feel free to ask us through the contact form with the type of service requesting for selected.

Q. We would like to get suggestions that matches our company, as we are inexperienced with the recruiting process.

Leave it to us!
Our sales representative will recommend the service that matches your company.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum duration of the job posting?

The minimum will be 1 month, and the maximum is 12 months.

Q. We would like to know the fee, is there a price-list?

Please ask us through the contact form regarding the prices.
Our sales representative will guide you through.

Q. Once we request for the service, in how many days minimum can we start?

The earliest possible to post is in 3 business days.
※Pleaes not that it will differ depending on the service requested

Q. May I use this service for personal pleasure?

Only companies with legal registration may use the service.

Q. I have used the service in the past, is it possible to use the same information?

Yes, we have the information used in the past, so it is possible to use it continuation.

Q. Is it possible to fill the contract out as a group company, and have multiple companies within it to use the service?

We distribute an account to each coporate, please have each of them sign the contract, not as a group.

Information about the service

Q. Are there languages other than Japanese available on the job post managing page?

Yes, other than Japanese, our site is available in English and Chinese.

Q. Is it possible to post in langauges other than Japanese on the job posting page?

Yes, it is possible to post in English and Chinese as well.

Q. If there are any changes needed regarding the registered person in charge or the company what needs to be done?

Please contact our sales representative regarding the information that needs to be changed on the registered account.

Q. Do you give support over the telephone?

Yes we do, the contact information will be given once the service starts.

Q.I forgot my username and password

IT is possible to create a new one in the password settings page.

Q. Other than the job posting, are there other methods to approach the job-seekers?

Yes, methods include mail magazines and a banner advertisement on the job posting page.
For detailed information, the duration, and the price, please contact us.

Q. We would like to post a position, and want the job-seekers to apply through our website.

We prohibit postings of URL that is linked to the company's recruitment page, please recruit within our service.

Q. Can we post the URL of our job-posting on Daijob to our company's recruitment page?

Yes, not a problem
Please post the URL of the Daijob job posting on to your recruitment page.

Q. We have decided on our employment during the contract duration, is it possible to cancel the contract?
Also is it possible to recieve a refund of those remaining days?

It is possible to stop the job posting, however, we cannot give a refund for the remaining duration of the contract.

Q. We have decided on our employment, what is the next step we need to take?

Congratulations! If the duration of the contract still remains, it is possible to post a different job opening. Once again, we do not give refunds.

Q. Employment is decided, is there compensation if the employee quits immediately?

It will vary by the service in use. For further details, please contact us.

Payment Information

Q. What is the method for paying the fare?

We accept payment by bank transfer or paypal.

Q. The company hiring and the company making the payment will differ, would it be an issue?

Could you give us a contact?

Q. The hiring will be in Japan, we would like to have our parent company (abroad) to pay for the service, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible.

Please feel free to enquire about a consultation or applying

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+81 3-6682-5481

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