A job posting site that makes it possible to hire foreign exchange students looking to work in Japan

Non-Japanese people find it difficult to integrate into the Japanese “shuukatsu” system or understand what companies in Japan are looking for. But now, “Career Start in Japan”
is here to provide internship/new graduate positions and event information to foreign exchange students! This platform connects foreigners that want to work in Japan,with the companies looking to hire them.

Process from application to hiring

Process from application to hiring

Service Contents: How to approach job-seekers

  • ・Publish Graduate Positions/Internships
  • ・Send Segment DM
  • ・Application Management Tool
  • ・Publish Event/Seminar information [Paid Option]
  • ・Banner advertising [Paid Option]

Services Provided by Daijob

Job Posting Service

  • A jobsite for global professionals wanting to use their language ability.


    A jobsite for bilingual and global professionals, used in 27 countries since it was started 17 years ago. It features 490,000 users from 141 countries, 95% of which are bilingual.

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  • Jobsite for Japanese jobs outside Japan

    Working Abroad

    A site for Japanese professionals who wishes to work outside of Japan. If you are located outside of Japan and looking to hire a Japanese professional, this will be the service to use.

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  • A jobsite for foreign exchange students wanting to start their career in Japan

    Career Startin Japan

    This site allows the posting of internships, graduate positions and event information aimed at foreign exchange students. The mission is to bridge the understanding gap between employers and foreign exchange students when it comes to the shuukatsu graduate hiring system.

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  • Recruiting Service

    Expert recruitment consultants connect companies to the bilingual professionals they need.

    Daijob Agent

    Our recruitment consultants lead the path to a successful career change for professionals that wish to work globally.

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  • Events

    Exhibit at career fairs hosted by Daijob and have direct contact with many job-seekers

    Global Career Fair

    We make it possible for companies to communicate with professionals that have are actively looking for a career change. Mid-career professionals, new graduates, and foreign exchange students with excellent international communication ability will be in attendance.

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  • HR Support

    Through seminars and private consulting, we help globalize the HR departments of companies.

    HR Globalization Support

    We provide one stop support service for companies looking to hire, train and retain global professionals, the key to growth for many companies.

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Daijob Reports ≫ See overview of Daijob Reports:HR Information Site, HRClub

See overview of Daijob Reports

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