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SBI Remit’s International Money Transfer Service

The lowest fees in the industry!


More than 220 countries!

10 min. to send funds.

No bank account needed!

Easy Remittance methods.

Exceeds 900 Billion JPY Cumulatively!

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Features of Service

International remittance fees from ¥460~

Easy & Convenient

Extensive international network

Multiple currencies and remittance methods

Multilingual customer support

Remittance Fee

Calculate current fees and receipts from your remittance information.


Amount Fees
1yen-50,000yen 460yen
50,001yen-100,000yen 760yen
100,001yen-300,000yen 980yen
300,001yen-maximum amount 1,760yen


Amount Fees
1yen-10,000yen 480yen
10,001yen-20,000yen 720yen
20,001yen-30,000yen 800yen
30,001yen-50,000yen 1,000yen
50,001yen-200,000yen 1,400yen
200,001yen-maximum amount 1,500yen

Easy Remittance Methods

Remittance requests can easily be made via the Internet, at an ATM or through a convenience store agent.
Funds can be received in a minimum of 10 minutes with our cash pick-up service, which does not require a bank account.

Using Services

Register for Membership

1. Apply for registration
2. Receive Welcome Pack
3. Initial login
4. Complete

Remittance Request

Please request remittance from the member site.

Issue of Reference Number

After confirmation, we will send you the reference number by e-mail.


The recipient can pick up the remittance in cash with your ID and reference number at local MoneyGram store.


How many days does it take from applying for membership until I can send funds?

It takes about one week to be able to send funds from the time of application if you register for membership on the Internet.
It takes about ten days to be able to send funds from the time of application if you register for membership using other means than the Internet (such as at special events)

How long does it usually take until cash can be picked up locally, or until it is deposited in the account?

This depends on the remittance method. It can take a minimum of just 10 minutes, but usually it can be received within 1-3 hours.

I don’t know the recipient’s bank account details. Can I send funds?

Yes, you can. If you don’t know the recipient’s bank account details, the money can be picked up in cash over the counter at one of our handling offices in the receiving country.

How long will membership registration last?

There are no particular limits on the duration of the user contract for our services. You may use our services whenever you like, from the time you register for membership until such time as you cancel your membership.