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Core service of Daijob is to support those utilizing international communication skills and wishing to advance their career.

Since Daijob started its website in 1998, we have been predicting that bilingual and bicultural communication skills will be required in Japan’s near future. This is why we started a job site specialized for bilingual recruiting. Since then, we have been providing recruiting information to both Japanese and non-Japanese candidates and have been supporting them in their career. Today, many job sites are available in Japan. However, our unique position of being focused on bilingual talents makes us unique.

Creative Recruiting Services for Billinguals

Job Information Service: www.daijob.com


Job site for Bilinguals and International-minded individuals.

Japan’s largest job site for bilinguals. Positions at foreign affiliated companies and international Japanese companies are advertised on Daijob. Users with international communication skills are registered. If you are looking to recruit someone with not only English skills but an international outlook, it is the best medium for you.

Japan’s largest job site for bilinguals.
Over 75% of users are fluent in English.
260,000 registered users.

Our well developed contents on international careers are very popular among users - these include: “Takashi’s Gaishi Stories” (popular among those wishing to pursue careers in foreign affiliated companies), “How to Create a Resume in English”, “Woman & Work” and “Career Building Support” (provides information on career development).

Job Information Service:www.workinjapan.com


Gateway for foreigners who want to work in Japan

Positions in Japan are posted in English. WorkinJapan.com is the largest English jobsite in Japan. The website is popular not only among foreigners living in Japan but also among those in abroad. Members can post jobs to both Daijob.com and WorkinJapan.com.

Gateway for foreigners who want to work in Japan.
Many foreigners living in Japan are registered.
People with MBAs and language students from abroad are also accessing our site.

Our main users are foreigners living in and outside of Japan (both business people and students) and highly talented foreigners wishing to work in Japan. The site is also well known as an excellent jobsite among Japanese who are studying abroad.

Job Information Service:newgraduates.daijob.com


A Jobsite for Bilingual Students Studying either Domestically or Abroad

Our site provides information to internationally minded students looking to make use of their language ability and qualifications. Registered students can choose to receive our Mail Magazine, which has the latest jobs as well as interesting articles that will be consistently updated.

Daijob New Graduates Supports Bilingual Candidates

Daijob New Graduates provides support to bilingual candidates by allowing them to better prepare for interviews. We will assist new graduates by providing sample interview questionnaires, up-to-date reports on the hiring situation from the world's leading companies, resume writing, editing tips and much more!

Recruiting Service:consulting.daijob.com

Daijob Consulting

Placement Service for Bilingual Professionals

The placement service targeted at professionals such as mid-career bilinguals (2 years + business experience) to Senior Management and Executives. Through consultation, we are able to grasp the needs of both employers and job seekers - avoiding potential "mismatch" between both parties. This is a beneficial service to both employers and job seekers.

Placement services specialized in bilingual recruiting.
Introduce professional talent to meet your company’s requirements.
Avoid mismatch and save time.

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. They have deep understanding of each industry and its corporate needs. By utilizing their knowledge, they will provide you with the recruiting solution suited to your business needs.

Haken Service:haken.daijob.com

daijob haken
Temporary staffing service specialized in bilinguals.

Temporary staffing service specialized in bilinguals with specialist knowledge in areas such as IT, Finance, Legal and Treasury. We respond to employer’s needs for bilingual specialists when and where they need them.

Temporary staffing service of bilinguals.
Provide professional services in areas such as IT and Finance.
Hire bilinguals when you need, where you need.

With employment type becoming more and more diverse, talented bilinguals searching for a variety of environments and employment types are increasingly wanting to work as temporary staff. We deal with such highly skilled and talented bilingual registrants and provide them with professional service.

HR Community:hrclub.daijob.com

HR Club
Community for those interested in international HR issues.

A place for HR & General Affairs specialists in foreign and globally companies. Bilingual Website is in Japanese and English. Information on international HR issues can be obtained here. Articles are contributed by HR specialists from within and outside Japan on themes such as "Strategic HR Management", "Talent Management" and "Talent Development." HR Club also provides a place to exchange the best practices in HR solutions.

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